Hotels in times of Corona: Please reserve couches!

EGood news in advance: reserving loungers this year is not a faux pas, but is even welcome in many places. Because if you stay lying there is less effort: Whether tables and chairs in the restaurant, stools and counters in the bar or the sun oasis by the pool – everything has to be disinfected […]

Switzerland vacation 2020: when will the borders open? Which corona rules apply?

Europe Travel in times of Corona These rules apply to holidaymakers in Switzerland In Switzerland, many hotels remained open despite the corona pandemic. Museums and restaurants are now welcoming visitors again. And holidaymakers can soon expect further easing in the country. As of: 4:40 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes This is what the future […]

Holidays in Germany: Tips for city trips in the west

Kleve: Where Lohengrin shed a tear Richard Wagner moved the plot of his “Lohengrin” to Antwerp. Of course, this is total nonsense, because the river over which the swan pulled the hero in the night and later back was the Kermisdahl. It flows rather sluggishly at the foot of the Schwanenburg, and that is the […]

In the zoo at Pandas & Co .: A new era begins for the animals

City trips At Pandas & Co. A new era begins for the animals in the zoo Because of Corona, zoos were closed for weeks. This has also affected the behavior of its residents. Now most of the zoos have reopened, the rush is enormous. The animals also feel this change. Status: 07:29 a.m. | Reading […]

Israel in Corona times: Hope and Prayer in the Holy Land

“It is sad to see the holy places so deserted,” says Wajeeh Nuseibeh. “Just as you cannot imagine heaven without people, you want to see people praying and lighting candles.” For 45 years, Nuseibeh has been sitting at the gate to Jerusalem’s oldest church and watching the pilgrims enter. Now they are gone. The gateway […]

Holidays in Germany: Tips for city trips in the south

Bayreuth: Beyond Richard Wagner So really typical Bayreuth is the Upper Franconian city in high summer when the temperatures rise to more than 30 degrees Celsius. The beige stones of the historic old town store the heat, they turn the center into an oven, and visitors are forced to stop in one of the numerous […]

Holidays in Germany: Tips for city trips in the north

Husum: anything but a gray city “You gray city by the sea” Theodor Storm called his home Husum in 1851 in his poem “The City”. “Dumm Tüüch” – “stupid stuff”, find today’s Husum, and on the tourism website Husum quasi shows his famous son a bird by presenting himself as a “colorful city with short […]

In times of Corona: Get out of there, every day!

opinion In times of Corona Get out, every day! At the moment, all of our freedom of movement is severely restricted. But walking is allowed – and helps. Our author believes that anyone who likes to go on long hikes will find it even easier. Status: 05:54 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes The Germans […]

What Bremen has ahead of its competition Hamburg

JEvery child has heard of Bremen since the Brothers Grimm published the “Bremen Town Musicians” 200 years ago. However, just as the music-making animals never reached Bremen in the fairy tale, not every reader of the “town musicians” is drawn to the old Hanseatic city in adulthood – in 2018, a good 1.1 million tourists […]

Christmas market Leipzig 2019: dates, opening times & information

The Leipzig Christmas market is one of the largest and oldest in Germany. In addition to its historical backdrop, the market also has some events to offer. The tradition of the Leipziger Christmas market dates back to the 15th century. The market is embedded in the historical backdrop of the old town. With around 300 […]