Olaf Scholz wants to participate in airports

Berlin Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) only wants to help distressed airports if he receives shares in the airports in return: As the Handelsblatt learned from government circles, the Vice Chancellor is relying on state participation if the federal government should jump to the airports that are in dire straits due to the corona […]

Teachers’ association against relaxation of mask requirements in schools

Masks in elementary school Masks hang together with bags and rucksacks on coat hooks in a classroom of a primary school. (Archive image). Photo: Patrick Pleul / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa (Photo: dpa) “The waiver of tests and the premature abolition of the mask requirement as well as the excessive reduction of quarantine measures increases the […]

With vaccination parties against Covid in the hotspot Tennessee

Right-wing activists demonstrate in Tennessee against vaccination requirements Tennessee is an example of what characterizes the American Covid and vaccination campaign: politicization and disinformation. Bild: LightRocket/Getty Images Chattanooga, Tennessee LaDarius Price celebrated his 41st birthday on Saturday in a very special way. The American of color has invited hundreds of people to the Vaccine Drive party […]

More than 40 million corona infections in the USA

The Johns Hopkins website is updated regularly and therefore shows a higher level than the official figures from the World Health Organization Around 649,000 people have died in connection with the virus in the United States so far, according to JHU. On average over the past week, according to the CDC health authority, around 150,000 […]

Corona vaccination for 40 percent of the world’s population by the end of 2021

Health Minister Spahn (left) and his Italian colleague Speranza The G20 countries are committed to working on global access to safe and affordable vaccines and therapies against Covid-19. (Foto: action press) Rom Rome seems to be a good place in the global fight against the corona pandemic: Already at the Health Summit in May, which was […]

Insurance damage to oil rigs around one billion dollars

Gulf of Mexico After Hurricane “Ida”, a long black oil slick is drifting in the Gulf of Mexico. (Photo: dpa) London Insurers have to prepare for billions in damage to oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico from Hurricane Ida. The damage could amount to around a billion dollars, according to the first estimates published […]

WHO opens early warning center in Berlin

Angela Merkel and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus The German Chancellor and the Director General of the WHO opened the early warning center in Berlin. (Foto: Getty Images) Berlin The next pandemic is only a matter of time. The World Health Organization (WHO) early warning center opened in Berlin is intended to help identify these as early as […]

Population in Malta almost completely vaccinated, Bulgaria has 20 percent

at There is great disparity in vaccination rates in EU countries. Front runner is the island nation Malta, there are 90.3 percent of all adults fully vaccinated. Taillight is Bulgaria with only 20 percent. Overall, the countries in the east of the EU do worse. All six states that were below 50 percent on Tuesday […]

Insurers expect high claims payments

The place of guilt in Rhineland-Palatinate Initial estimates assume damage totaling between four and five billion euros. (Photo: dpa) Munich More and more insurers are going public with their forecasts of the insured loss amounts due to the devastating storm “Bernd”. On Tuesday, market leader Allianz announced the total of more than 500 million euros […]

More speed for the educational republic

The “Summer of Vocational Training” is currently underway with many days of action and events. I myself was there, for example, when the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts presented their modern, inter-company training facility: with a highly sensitive GPS rover as a new measurement technology for use in road construction and a computer-controlled CNC milling machine […]