This will be the new way of exercising in gyms

The accesses to the facilities will have a temporary physical barrier or by distance. Photo: iStock MEXICO CITY. Nothing will be the same. With the possible reactivation of activities in the country, the Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs (Amegyc) has developed a protocol for the reopening of its establishments, considering measures and general prevention […]

here’s how and with which products

Sanitize, disinfect, sanitize: a lot is said about it, but what should we do at home? Which products to use? Besides, are they safe? Let’s try to clarify, starting from the term: for domestic operations, it is better to talk about disinfection and leave the word sanitization to the hospital and health sectors. And remember […]

“We are on the front line, but nobody talks about us”

IN THE FIRST LINE – They are the ones we applaud. Le Figaro portrays these ordinary heroes in this extraordinary period of coronavirus crisis. Jacques, at Saint-Etienne University Hospital, April 15, 2020 Jacques (personal collection) They too are “at the front”. Since the start of the health crisis, cleaners have continued to survey businesses and […]

this year, the Belgians are thinking big

Are you, like many other people, currently confined to the house? And you don’t know how to occupy your days? Why not take the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of your home? This will not only allow you to have a clean house, but in almost half of the cases (46%) it will also […]

Apple: this is the right way to clean your brand devices

The care of technological devices, especially the mobile or tablets, require special attention, not only for hygiene, but also to preserve the life of the device. In the case of the products of ManzanaThese are made of different materials and each of them may have specific cleaning requirements. In a not so deep and more […]

This is how you should clean and disinfect your consoles and electronic devices

As the cases of the COVID-19 virus continue to increase, it is necessary to remain calm and carry out a series of practices to avoid possible contagion. From avoiding large gatherings, to constantly washing your hands. During this period of home office, suspension of work and classes, it is necessary to keep our consoles and […]

6 practical tips for cleaning your smartphone

Whether smartphone or tablet, their owners have usually already invested a lot of money, so why not make additional efforts to care for the loyal companions appropriately? TECHBOOK has some practical tips that can help: Practical tools for smartphone cleaning 1. Liquid screen protector and cleaner There are now some liquid solutions on the market […]