Music from the room next door

Culture “Arthur and Claire” at the Rémond Theater at the Zoo by Karl-Heinz Stier and Ingeborg Fischer (24.05.2022) One may initially doubt whether it is a tragedy or a comedy, but the play “Arthur and Claire” leaves the theatergoer in the dark. One thing, however, was clear: the path mapped out for two people living […]

“In the past, there were people who covered their ears and stole bells, and now there is Chunlan climbing the top” Chinese Vice Premier poses on the top of the building to pretend to inspect the epidemic | China | New Head Shell Newtalk

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan (4th from left) visited the Shanghai community recently and was caught posing for a show on the roof of a local building.Figure: flipping Weibo The outbreak of the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak in Shanghai, China, the official vowed to insist on “dynamic clearing”, but the epidemic is still out of control, […]

Skating Bears strive for the opening win against Düsseldorf Rams

March 7, 2022 at 5:42 p.m Skaterhockey : Skating Bears strive for opening win against Rams Goalscorer Dustin Diem (left) checks Dusseldorf goalkeeper; Daniel Schopp lurks in the middle. Photo: Mark Mocnik Krefeld Looks good, but it wasn’t: coach Fabian Peelen finds clear words after the 8:3 win against Rams Düsseldorf. He is not happy […]

The vision is clear.. Jeddah is not – Saudi news

Cosmetic surgeries are waiting for the bride of the Red Sea, who is currently preparing for an unprecedented development and renaissance, by removing the old random and ending the deformities of more than 32 random neighborhoods extending over an area of ​​more than 214 million square meters, many of them without legal instruments. On the […]