Video recipe for dumpling tris – mountains at home – being active – mountain sports

Ingredients list for four people For a dumpling tris made of wild garlic, bacon and cheese dumplings with melted butter and lettuce you need the following ingredients. For the dumpling mixture: 450 g dumpling bread 200 g onion 375 ml of milk 15 g of salt Pfeffer Nutmeg acc. 25 g parsley 5 St. Eggs … Read more

Condominium prices are also increasing in Corona times

Nuremberg (ots) – A comparison of the previous year of the offer prices for condominiums in old, existing and new buildings in the 14 largest German cities shows: – Apartments continue to become more expensive in the first half of 2020: up to 17 percent in old buildings (Leipzig) and 24 percent in existing buildings … Read more