Lidl branded clothing, the summer trend?

Lidl has the gift to be talked about. After the PS4s sold at € 95 and Colmann pianos which will be offered in September at € 449, the German brand launched its clothing line. “Are you the biggest Lidl fan?” Show it and dress with our own collection ”, announces the brand that has taken […]

Lidl branded clothing, the summer trend?

The discount supermarket chain Lidl has launched a line of clothing sold exclusively in Belgium. But the craze for sneakers, clappers and socks is already crossing borders thanks to social networks. And some products are sold at delusional prices. Lidl has the gift to be talked about. After the PS4s sold at € 95 and […]

Shareholder goes into operational business

Dusseldorf Gerd Oliver Seidensticker is not inclined to black eyesight. The tall man always radiates healthy basic optimism. But now it is different. “The corona crisis is the most serious situation that our company has experienced in its 100-year history,” says the shareholder of the Bielefeld shirt and blouse manufacturer of the same name to […]

Despite the corona crisis, Zalando expects sales growth in 2020

Berlin The online fashion retailer Zalando expects sales growth of between ten and 20 percent this year despite the virus effects. In addition, an adjusted profit (EBIT) of between 100 and 200 million euros is expected, the group said on Wednesday evening. At the end of March, Zalando cut its annual forecast due to the […]

How the French textile industry is reinventing itself

“ Enot in the space of seven days, we managed to design a product that we had never made before. Today, we make 100,000 masks per week, hand-sewn, washable 25 times and which are sold at cost, € 3 “, says Dominique Seau, CEO of the underwear brand Éminence. To achieve them, he even reopened […]

Is a relocation of textile production desirable?

► “The priority must be to produce better everywhere” Nayla Ajaltouni, spokesperson for the Ethics collective on the label For forty years, a new international division of labor has been set up with fully globalized subcontracting chains. Europe has also helped to specialize in textiles certain countries such as Bangladesh, and it would undoubtedly be […]

Comeback with shirt masks

Dolzer tailors: opened, closed, reopened The Franconian company had just started bankruptcy and had to close the branches immediately because of Corona. Now business is slowly starting up again. (Photo: obs) Munich The corona crisis hit retailers hard. However, the forced closure was particularly bitter for a long-established company: the Dolzer made-to-measure manufacturers were released […]

“The measures don’t make sense to me”

John Cloppenburg The entrepreneur criticizes the corona measures in retail. (Photo: imago images / Future Image) Dusseldorf The limitation of retail space to 800 square meters is equivalent to a professional ban for companies like Peek & Cloppenburg (P&C), says John Cloppenburg. In a live interview with the Handelsblatt on Instagram, the member of the […]

Confinement. No to “softening clothes”!

No relaxation Black pants and white shirt, colorful scarf, light makeup and golden bracelet, Muriel, in partial telework, does not give up on the look. Accompanying students with disabilities, in Angles (Vendée), she ensures: ” I try to be elegant every day. Usually when I go to work at school, I play sports to be […]