“A virus that feasts” – Release

While watching the videos from Florida, where religious maniacs denounce the health authorities by explaining that wearing a mask is an attack on their divine capacity to breathe, some of us laughed nervously. Others nodded: “This country is completely barred.” It will not have taken a month to understand that we have nothing to envy […]

West Java Contains Most Corona Cases Today, Emil: The War with Covid is Far from Over

PRFMNEWS – The Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 said that West Java Province contributed the most Corona cases today, Thursday 9 July 2020. Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19 Achmad Yurianto conveyed, the positive cases of Corona in West Java increased by 962 new cases. He also said that there was a new […]

Coronavirus. A new cluster identified in the Val-de-Marne

The town hall and the region were notified Wednesday May 20 by the departmental director of the Regional Health Agency: nine workers from the asbestos removal site of the Georges-Brassens high school in Villeneuve-le-Roi (Val-de-Marne) were tested positive for Covid-19. This is the first cluster in the Val-de-Marne since the deconfinement that started on May […]

Offenbach falls significantly behind in the ranking

Offenbach If you want to understand Offenbach, you should follow Matthias Schulze-Böing to the viewing terrace of his workplace. There he sees two worlds: on the horizon the outlines of the skyscraper of the European Central Bank (ECB) can be seen – Frankfurt, the booming center of Germany’s financial world, is on the other side […]

Richard Teitelbaum, an avant-garde life

To be overlooked, Richard Teitelbaum was no less a pioneer. Improvisation. Mix of genres. The mixing of cultures. An innovator in the aura of a John Cage, an Ornette Coleman or a Terry Riley, would defend some who know his legacy and have benefited from the inventions of the one whose fate goes through in […]