The interview form of a company in Shenzhen caused heated discussions: more than half of the 14 questions were illegal – Wei Wei anecdote – cnBeta.COM

According to a report by Gongfu Finance, an interview form for a company in Shenzhen recently circulated on the Internet.Netizens noted that these problems includeWhether to accept unpaid overtime at night, unpaid overtime on weekends, delay in payment of commissions, delay in wages, change from weekends to single breaks, handle official business during rest time, […]

Baidu Maps announced the switch to Beidou priority positioning – Baidu Baidu – cnBeta.COM

On September 30, Baidu Maps official announcement released the latest progress in the application of Beidou satellite navigation system. Baidu Maps announced the official switch to Beidou priority positioning,Baidu map intelligent positioning open service was upgraded to Baidu map Beidou positioning open platform, and the daily positioning volume of Beidou satellites exceeded 100 billion times […]