Coahuila. Financiera Mujeres Fuertes granted credits for more than 46 million pesos

Coahuila works hard to prevent and eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination based on gender, through the Coahuilense Institute for Women (ICM) There are different means to meet the needs of citizens, highlighted the Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis. He pointed out that for Government of Coahuila It is extremely important to make all […]

Coahuila: Relationship with Texas could save the state’s economy

Luis Carlos Valdes Torreon, Coahuila / 26.07.2022 20:32:00 Carlos González Silva, president of Canacintra Torreón, described as positive the actions taken by the state government to strengthen relations with the government of Texas; Thus, he visualized that if it is possible to strengthen the trade of Coahuilawould increase the investments that they are leaving China […]

In Coahuila, a man donates his organs; he will help more than 150 people

daniel santiago Saltillo Coahuila / 24.04.2022 19:33:57 Thanks to the decision of donate his organs, a 47-year-old man from Saltilloyou can help to 150 people through this actionafter the work of procurement of the tissue by medical personnel of the General Hospital of zone number two of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. The 47-year-old […]

25% of trailers crossing the border are unsafe

Morelia, Michoacán.- The 25% of trailers who cross the border in Coahuila with the aim of reaching Texas, are used for drug trafficking and illegal migrationl, this was announced by the authorities of Mexico and the United States, after a series of inspections. The state of Coahuila and Texas, United States, will begin a fight […]

Coahuila. In La Laguna, Roel Ruíz is an icon of northern music

Damian Ramirez San Pedro, Coahuila / 04.08.2021 10:39:25 Talk about icons of northern music in San Pedro, Coahuila, is to talk about Roel Ruíz, better known as’ La Bacha‘, from the ejido Mayran, which commands the Comarca Norte musical group. More than thirty years of experience, Roel He continues to delight his audience with old-guard […]

No one is sure

The social lack of control due to the Covid-19 pandemic that does not give ground, is partly due to the irresponsibility of many people and institutions, it continues to cause an existence full of uncertainty, disease and death. People walk through the commercial centers of the cities, oblivious to any preventive behavior dictated by prudence. […]

‘Let’s go back to the IMSS’ fulfills its purpose – El Sol de la Laguna

Torreón, Coahuila. – Some of the services most in demand during the mega-day “Let’s go back to the IMSS” were those offered in the detection, nutritional counseling, family planning, oral health, vaccination and timely diagnosis of cervical and breast cancer modules . In this way, with intensive activities carried out in Coahuila simultaneously from Friday […]

Manuel Bartlett calls Riquelme “cynical” and he reverses: “liar”

On June 11, Governor Miguel Riquelme pointed out to Manuel Bartlett that he had “moral responsibility” in the Múzquiz tragedy. SEE MORE Bartlett, “morally responsible” in the death of miners: Riquelme Mexico City, June 14 (However) .- Miguel Angel Riquelme Solís, Governor of Coahuila, called a liar Manuel Bartlett Diaz, current holder of the Federal […]

Vindicating Nancy Cárdenas, writer and advocate for the LGBTTTIQ community

Regarding her 87th anniversary, we remember Nancy Cárdenas, who was an intellectual who fought for the rights of the LGBTTTIQ + community in Mexico This Saturday, the Mexican playwright Nancy cardenas would fulfill 87 years of not having died at 59 years of age, due to breast cancer. It was one of the intellectuals most […]