Horror: He took a selfie with his twin children and murdered them

June 30, 2020 – 12:06 The 45-year-old man was vacationing with the minors. In the process of separation with his wife, he wrote “that I would never see them again.” Strangled them and then committed suicide The selfie that Mario Bressi he took himself out with his twin sons, Elena and Diego, it seems at […]

Javier Cienfuegos: «Sport cannot be a punching bag in this crisis»

Javier Cienfuegos has not had time to get bored during confinement. “In fact, I’m missing hours in the day,” he admits with a laugh. His one-year-old daughter, training in the gym and working as a deputy in the Assembly of Extremadura, which has multiplied in the last two months, top the agenda of the best […]

Soft is the cold

Plain or patterned. In sober or daring colors. With belt, scraps and fringes. Coats, raincoats and jackets are here to stay. This winter they are cut by classic patterns and find allies as disparate as long dresses, jacket suits, gooseneck polo shirts and warm accessories such as leather bags. .

How to spoil LADA 4×4 for 2.4 million rubles? – network

Still, a comfortable “Niva” with a powerful “engine” and an “automatic” “not that coat” – it turns out, it is expensive and useless. LADA 4×4, or the good old “Niva”, has remained unchanged from the assembly line for decades almost unchanged, despite the fact that the public has long been eager for change. AvtoVAZ is […]

Setién and the ‘pass counters’ | sports

It is still too early to judge the work of Quique Setién in Barcelona although, at the pace of events in football, perhaps next week it may seem too late. In the image and likeness of current politics, this is a sport where measure is devoured from the extremes and, with the landing of the […]

The H&M store that looks like a ‘boutique’ on a Mallorcan farm | ICON Design

There was a time when textile giants – almost since they were born – reproduced their corporate aesthetics wherever they were installed, whether it was Milan, Barcelona, ​​Paris or Dubai, without taking too much into account what differentiates each context. But the dynamics have changed in recent years. Or, at least, it is what is […]

Fashion week: mountains and wonders

Fashion week Saturdays, make way for Japanese designers. In the space of a few hours, we see the parades of Junya Watanabe, Noir (in the morning), and Comme des Garcons (in the afternoon). And every Saturday of fashion week, we take full eyes. At the beginning of the morning, Junya Watanabe launches its collection in […]

Fashion week: fashion tales and legends

The invitation to the parade Loewe took the form of a vinyl on which appears the grinning face of Megan Rapinoe, contemporary heroine (she is one of the first sportsmen to come out), famous American football player (Ballon d’Or 2019) and muse of the season. Nothing really shows from this exchange in the latest collection […]

From the street sale to invoice 33 million with robes and comforters | Economy

Tramas, the Sevillian household clothing firm, faces 2020 with 105 own stores distributed between Spain and Portugal, a turnover that exceeds 33 million euros and a sustained growth of between 15% and 20% per year that, if consolidated In the coming years, it will allow them to double their current turnover in 2025. But, much […]

the most striking notices of the Civil Guard

ABC M Madrid Updated:01/31/2020 01: 51h save Related news As much as you insist on the way in which roundabouts are to be taken, accidents on these types of roads are still very frequent. The Civil Guard is aware of this, and therefore uses social networks to spread the message and insist on how they […]