The Editorial | Pandemic fatigue

In Colombia, mental health care is deficient. It always has been, so as this health crisis continues to drag on, it should be a cause for concern that millions of people – seriously affected by the consequences of the economic challenges and bitter experiences accumulated during the pandemic – do not receive support. to cope […]

La Paz, a universal good – Maria Corral Research and Dissemination Area

By: Assumpta Sendra MestreArea Director Maria CorralBarcelona, ​​October 2020Photo: Assumpta Sendra I still remember the media and social impact of the historical event of October 27, 1986 called by Pope John Paul II, in which he appealed to all parts of the world in conflict to ensure that during a day there would be a […]

Victims of double homicide in Santa Marta would be part of the ‘La Silla’ clan

Alexander de Jesús Granados Herrera and Óscar Javier Jacoby Bonett were the two people killed in a hitman attack that happened on Avenida del Libertador with Carrera 19, in Santa Marta. The authorities indicated that Cristian Camilo González Robles, alias ‘Bejuco’, is torn between life and death in the Intensive Care Unit of the Mar […]

It’s time to get a flu shot for your health and to avoid a health coma | Companies

Today the flu vaccination officially begins. An advance in the calendar of one week, in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus, which seeks to minimize the impact of the disease on the health care system in the face of the coexistence of both respiratory viruses in autumn-winter. The health authorities have proposed, […]

On video | Invías calls to stop vandalism in Pumarejo

After the complaints made through Wasapea to EL HERALDO about the vandalism attacks against the Pumarejo bridge, which have it in the dark, the National Institute of Vías (Invías) called on the local authorities to continue working together for security of this “great work”. Juan Esteban Romero, director of Invías, assured that The purpose is […]

The phase of greater individual responsibility begins

T he stage of selective isolation with responsible individual distancing began at 00:00 this Tuesday. This means that there are new sectors that can reopen their doors, after prior authorization from the Mayor’s Office. Although the peak and ID no longer apply, there are restrictions for parties and social events. “The economic reopening does not […]

Daniel Osvaldo’s special request to Jimena Barón at dawn

The second coexistence they go through Jimena Baron and Daniel Osvaldo in this coronavirus quarantine it is much better than the first. Last month the actress went to take her son Momo As for the father, he wanted to stay and asked her to do it too, with the athlete’s vala both began a coexistence. […]