Lawyer planned her murder so her son would collect insurance

Lawyer planned his murder so that his son would collect insurance, but he survived. The crime was organized after his wife tragically passed away. It is the story of an influential American lawyer who planned his assassination. However, he ended up being charged with fraud by the insurance company. The case The case of an […]

Amazing! Play on Xbox while your wife is in labor

He plays on Xbox while his wife is in labor, the video is viral on the internet because they treat him as inconsiderate. The above was recorded by the same woman who was in labor while her husband was playing a game of Fortnite. Play Xbox in the delivery room A man took his video […]

Diego Camargo was unharmed after violent robbery

“They burst my head”: Diego Camargo starred in robbery in Bogotá. This is how the violent event happened. The Colombian comedian is one of the most recognized in the country. And those who did not know him, have fallen in love with his simplicity, talent and chivalry in MasterChef Celebrity, reality that airs every weekend […]

Find out who are the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia

The Government gave details about the next arrival of vaccines that will occur between this Thursday and Saturday. Find out who the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia are for. The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that the vaccines that arrive from the Moderna pharmaceutical company will be for specific prioritization. As revealed by […]

in her nets she showed her engagement ring

American singer Britney Spears is getting married: in her networks she showed her colorful engagement ring. Britney Spears announced her betrothal to Sam Asghari. Who is Britney Spears’s boyfriend? He is a model and personal trainer with whom he has already been dating for a few years. In a post this past Sunday on his […]

Partial opening of Kabul airport announced

They announce the partial opening of the Kabul airport, as stated by the Qatari ambassador to Afghanistan, Said Mubarak al Jayarin, who has been at the forefront. The above, while they continue working to solve some technical problems that will allow “commercial international flights to be operating soon.” Kabul airport partially reopens Qatari Ambassador to […]

This was the training of the continent’s military to respond to natural disasters

The alert for an alleged 6.5 magnitude earthquake in central Colombia triggered a humanitarian operation that involved rescuers, crews and aircraft in a training exercise. This was the training of the continent’s military to respond to natural disasters. The training was generated to deal with natural disasters, in which 15 countries of the American continent […]

Nicolás Maduro wants to take an important company from Colombia

During the weekend it was known that Nicolas Maduro wants to take an important company from Colombia. It is Monómeros, a company dedicated to the manufacture of fertilizers and chemical products. However, it should be mentioned that it is currently under the command of the interim president, Juan Guaidó. This occurs in the middle of […]

Alert in Antioquia for the death of three children due to malnutrition

Alert in Antioquia for the death of three children due to malnutrition. The Antioquia Government expressed its concern and put all entities on alert. There has been an increase in the deaths of children due to malnutrition, which is why the departmental administration set off the alarms. They die from malnutrition According to Blu Radio, […]