Option in Liga MX – Luis Castillo

With the culmination of the regular tournament and as is natural both in the eliminated teams and those who are beginning to plan the next tournament, they would have to turn to the Liga Expansión MX to be able to recruit players who, although it is true that they would not become a solution, yes […]

At last Isabel rests | THE VIEWER

We are not out of consternation yet. Nobles and commoners mourn “the fall of London Bridge”. leo in The viewer: “Soccer was suspended, in theaters the lights were dimmed and the strikes were cancelled. The music awards were postponed and the pubs They were filled with people and cries. Television completely changed its programming and […]

Unicorns worldwide 1,191 companies, 2 companies in Thailand

Startup business is booming. Make the new generation interested in starting a business. with the use of new technologies Come in to answer the questions for people in society to live easier. Or is it a new business with a good future? Almost every startup business dreams of growing their business and becoming a company. […]

Inflation Reduction Act : US tax revolution, flee global warming

However, if considering the contents of the draft, it can be said that This draft law There are many objectives to solve environmental problems. Build bargaining power in reducing drug prices. In addition, it has been proposed to modify the tax calculation model in some items to increase the corporate income tax rate. This is […]

How to port when the real RECESSION hasn’t arrived yet?

Entering August, the market appears to have eased concerns over strong US interest rate hikes and lower inflation in the coming months. But raising interest rates for the rest of the year continues to move forward. and the fast and strong interest rate hike in the previous period. causing economic growth to decline And there […]

How safe is Zipmex digital assets on the exchange?

It was stated that the non-withdrawable portion of the asset is the asset that is in the ZipUp product, before opening the deposit system later in the Trade Wallet. So how safe are the assets on the exchange and why can Zipmex Thailand be able to exploit the assets of their clients? Why is Zipmex […]

Blood Without Bombs – Carlos Ponce de Leon

It has become a custom for supporters of clubs that fight at the top and have financial backing to claim reinforcements on social networks as if it were ‘FIFA’, in which you can put together squads as you please. And when the desired footballer does not arrive, The manager is sacrificed on the digital wall […]

The national country | The new day

Now it’s up, again, to the national country: 65 years ago, Colombians lived through events whose outcome turned them into a hemispheric example: On May 1, 1957, union protests took place. Two days later the university students declared themselves unemployed. On the 5th the most important newspapers in the country stopped circulating and then the […]

“existential crisis” of education and student socio-emotional well-being

As we know, the emotional well-being of students greatly influences their learning, and the first conditioning factor of the student’s emotional state is the home. In turn, the home is the result of a family history. For many children and adolescents this is an emotional burden that our educational system is not equipped to deal […]

Abortion: a public health issue

In a historic decision, the Constitutional Court has decriminalized abortion if it is performed in the first 24 weeks. The first thing to say is that women do not abort for pleasure. It is a very difficult decision and it is not a planning method either. When a woman decides to abort, she does it […]