Thierry Breton: “It is false that Europe is falling behind” | Economy

The confidence in the economic and industrial strength of Europe is called Breton. Thierry Breton The European Commissioner for the Internal Market is firmly convinced that the planet has entered an era of post-globalization where competition will not be state but continental. “And therein lies the miracle and strength of Europe because we are a […]

González affirms that Anticorruption has accused him with “lightness and frivolity” in the BB BBVA-Villarejo case ’| Economy

The former president of BBVA Francisco González has issued a statement Thursday to reaffirm his innocence in the BBVA-Villarejo case in the face of the accusations made by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which attributed him the hiring of the retired commissioner “opaquely”. On Wednesday he already rejected the accusations a statement, and in this second […]