[Finance and Business World]What is the odds of Li Ziqi’s victory in a battle with capital | Hangzhou Weinian| Great Outreach | Chinese Story

[EpochTimesOctober292021]In August, Li Ziqi, the number one Internet celebrity in mainland China, said on Weibo that “capital is a good method”, which makes people wonder whether there is a capital dispute with the partner . Recently, this speculation was finally confirmed. On October 25, Li Ziqi formally sued Hangzhou Weinian. Liu Tongming, the owner of […]

[China Watch]Li Keqiang’s “Fire Fighting” Party Magazine Re-cites Lin Biao’s Coup | Zhongnanhai | Xi Jinping | Common Prosperity

[EpochTimesSeptember192021](The Epoch Times reporter Ning Haizhong reports) The internal discord in Zhongnanhai is always attracting attention, and now it seems to be entering a sensitive moment. The Chinese Communist Party Premier Li Keqiang came forward a few days ago and said that private enterprise associations are treated “equally.” However, a few days ago, the party […]

Tencent Announces Abandoning the Exclusive License Rights of Music Copyright | Ma Huateng | Common Wealth | Exclusive Music Copyright

[Epoch Times September 1, 2021]On the evening of August 31, Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tencent) issued a statement stating that it waived its exclusive right to authorize music copyright, and upstream copyright owners (record companies) could authorize other operators on their own. On the 31st, Tencent and Tencent Music Entertainment Group issued the “Statement on […]