▷ Mobility ranking: This city offers the most alternatives to owning a car

Berlin event agency SPREEFREUNDE examines the mobility offer in the 30 largest cities in Germany Most mobile city Berlin offers the largest selection of means of transport with 46 different providers In Chemnitz and Wuppertal there are few alternatives to having your own car Crowded streets and overcrowded means of transport are always an issue […]

The health course

The health course Location Viewing this map requires the activation of javascript in your browser. The development of the health trail was carried out while conserving and protecting areas of natural sansouires. The general spirit of this site is to protect, rehabilitate or even recreate certain environments of the region: extension of zones withoutouires, creation […]

Mental health – News – Ville d’Onex

June 01 | SANT A Guide to Onex Mental Health A guide to mental health in Onex The City of Onex is teaming up with the Geneva association minds and is publishing a guide to taking care of your mental health on a daily basis, through activities for all tastes, all audiences, and all budgets. […]

Saint Mathieu de Tréviers Town Hall

Blood donation The 06/02/2021 – Theme: Solidarity and Seniors The French Blood Establishment is organizing a blood drive on Wednesday 02 June 2021 from 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Jan Bonal room. What are the main criteria to be able to donate blood? Age : to donate blood, you must be of legal […]

▷ Speed ​​ranking: The fastest underground and suburban trains run in these cities

14.03.2018 – 08:30 Network winner Berlin (ots) Netzsieger compares the average speeds of underground and suburban trains in Germany – Hamburg hat die schnellste U-Bahn, Frankfurt die langsamste – Die schnellste S-Bahn fährt in Duisburg The Hamburg subway is the fastest in a nationwide rail comparison. With an average speed of 35.1 km / h […]

▷ Successful interim assessment of the 244 municipal applications from Deutsche Umwelthilfe: …

21.04.2021 – 09:00 Deutsche Umwelthilfe eV Berlin (ots) – In den letzten Wochen haben Hamburg, Münster, Flensburg und Solingen neue Pop-up-Radwege beschlossen oder eingerichtet – München und Berlin beginnen, ihre im vergangenen Jahr eingerichteten Pop-up-Radwege in dauerhafte Radwege umzuwandeln – Bürgerinnen und Bürger können unter www.duh.de/pop-up-radwege-jetzt Anträge stellen zur Umwandlung konkreter Straßenabschnitte in ihrer Heimatstadt […]

Microscopic fluctuations help bacteria at work

First published on idw-online.de If you drop ink into a glass of still water, the diffusion causes the slow coloration of the water. However, although it has been known for many decades how diffusion processes can be described, it is still not well understood how they function in more complex systems such as living organisms. […]

New residents of Italy will be paid extra for moving to the country

New residents of Italy will be paid extra for moving to the country A photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA In Italy, the authorities of the commune of Santo Stefano are planning to attract new young residents in an unusual way. They intend to issue grants for moving to the country. This was reported on the website of […]

Incidence value in Offenbach rises to 110.5

AOnce again, the number of new infections in the city of Offenbach has risen sharply: According to the city, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days on Friday was 110.5 – this is currently the highest value for a district or one City in Hesse was reported. According to […]