“14-hour working days without breaks and toilets”

Her former housekeeper sued Jeff Bezos, the former chairman and CEO of Amazon, and two other companies that allegedly manage Bezos’ properties, alleging unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. Mercedes Weda was hired as a cleaner in 2019, “she had to work inconspicuously around a family.” Some of her shifts lasted 14 hours without breaks, and […]

More companies are meeting employees with a one-off payment

ANP NOS News•Thursday, 06:00•Amended Thursday, 11:03 More companies are giving their staff an extra allowance this year to get through the time of high inflation. The amounts vary from 150 or 300 euros to sometimes 2000 euros. For example, store chain Action will give employees 350 euros next month and NS staff will receive 1000 […]

Cabinet wants to give 15,000 euros to healthcare workers with lung covid

NOS / Bart Kamphuis NOS News•Wednesday, 17:25•Amended Wednesday, 17:37 The cabinet wants to give an “optional compensation” of 15,000 euros to healthcare workers who contracted covid at work in the first wave of the corona pandemic and therefore have long-term complaints. The allowance is not intended as compensation, disability benefit or commutation scheme, but as […]

how the catering industry is preparing for winter

ANP NOS News•Saturday, 07:00 It seemed more than worth the investment of about 26,000 euros. But with the energy crisis, the consumption of seven gas heaters on the terrace will soon cost the owner of pancake restaurant De Appelsche Hof more than they yield. “In times of corona it was a way to receive extra […]

Škoda Auto: The proposed energy price measures are not ideal

“We are calling for quick measures that will lead to stabilization especially within the supply chain, but also among car manufacturers. Unaffordable and expensive energy would have a major impact on state budget revenues and, last but not least, on layoffs in the automotive sector,” said Jahn. According to Jahn, the energy situation in the […]