Horst Seehofer strengthens cyber defense – Huawei dispute unresolved

Berlin The first draft of a new IT security law was in circulation in Berlin more than a year ago. “Cyber ​​attacks continue to pose great danger for the state, economy and society,” it said at the time, which spoke for a certain urgency of the project. Still, nothing happened for months. The government was […]

SAP needs to improve cybersecurity

Software company SAP Security gaps were found at the software company SAP. (Photo: dpa) Walldorf The Walldorf-based software group SAP needs to improve some cloud products due to deficiencies in cybersecurity. An internal investigation found that some SAP cloud applications did not currently meet one or more contractually agreed or legally required IT security standards, […]

Man is the biggest problem for the computer

The biggest risk to a company’s IT security is people, I learned. It is people who download dangerous malware onto their computers because they answer e-mails promising bargains. Or they just give away their password, because an email pretends to them that their bank account has been blocked and should now be unlocked again. The […]

Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of the corona pandemic

Cyber ​​police The Federal Office for Information Security also warned of an increase in cybercrime. (Photo: dpa) Munich According to a study by experts, cybercriminals are increasingly using the corona crisis for fraud. Since the beginning of the year, tens of thousands of problematic websites related to the pandemic have been registered, according to an […]

Criminals copy the NRW Ministry of Economics website

Emergency Aid Fraud In connection with the emergency aid, fraudsters have set up many fake sites to tap the financial aid. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf There has been another fraud case related to Corona Emergency Aid. As reported by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, criminals have copied the website of the NRW Ministry of Economics in order to […]

Hackers target hospitals in times of crisis

Dusseldorf At the beginning of April, Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn’s mailbox received an unmistakable email. The threatening letter with the subject “Attack on German hospitals”, which is in the Handelsblatt, should force the CDU politician to transfer 25 million euros to a Bitcoin account. If the money is not received by April 17, […]

Hacker attack on world football association – extent unclear

FIFA The world football association claims to have been the target of a hacker attack (Photo: Reuters) Zurich The world football association FIFA claims to have been the target of a hacker attack. In a statement released on Tuesday, quoted by the AP news agency, FIFA condemned the attack and was concerned that some information […]

Extortion of cities and municipalities – that’s what the BSI and BKA advise

Düsseldorf, Berlin The day of the emergency began for Maic Schillack with an early phone call. It was Friday, September 6th, when a colleague from the IT department reported to the First City Council of Neustadt am Rübenberge at 6.45 a.m. There had been some weird activity on the city’s servers overnight, the man said. […]