they arrested the lawyer Oscar Romero

Without offering resistance, the lawyer Oscar Romero Bruno was arrested this Wednesday at his home in the Sudelco neighborhood of Trelew. His capture was issued on May 30 and since then he has remained a fugitive.He is sentenced to 6 years and 9 months in prison for the attempted murder of an upholsterer and illegal […]

Dijon. A guru sentenced to two years in prison suspended

After twenty years of procedure, the woman guru Éliane Deschamps, who ensures that the Virgin appears to her every 15th of the month, was sentenced, this Monday January 31, 2022 in Dijon (Côte-d’Or), to two years in prison with reprieve for abuse of weakness. The Dijon Criminal Court imposed the same sentence on Daniel Delestrac, […]

Pharmacist hacked in Angers. A resident of Tours sentenced for buying a pass

For having bought a real fake health pass online, a Tourangelle in her thirties was sentenced this Tuesday, November 9, 2021, to a four-month suspended prison sentence, indicate our colleagues from La Nouvelle République. Judged according to the appearance procedure on prior admission of guilt, she also received € 300 in damages to be paid […]

Belarusian opposition leader Kalesnikova was sentenced to 11 years – World – News

The representative of the Belarusian opposition, Maria Kalesnikova, was sentenced on Monday to 11 years in prison. The AFP agency informed about it. TASR 06.09.2021 11:41, updated: 22:10 Photo: SITA/AP In an archival image from August 30, 2020, the leading representative of the Belarusian opposition, Maria Kalesnikav, during a rally in Minsk. Kalesnikava, along with […]

Student thought it was Uber, got in the car and killed her with 120 stabs

Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old University of South Carolina student, was brutally murdered in March 2019 after thinking she was getting into an Uber car. The police investigation targeted 27-year-old Nathaniel Rowland. According to authorities, the young woman got into Rowland’s car thinking it was Uber, after that, she was killed with 120 stab wounds. At […]

Bougane Guèye Dani ordered to pay more than 630 million to the Agricultural Bank, a final mortgage on the Bougane building in the city of Keur Gorgui

The condemnations are multiplying against Bougane Guèye Dani. Yesterday, the Commercial Court again condemned the company Boyges Solutions Systems Limited known as Boss Sarl to pay to the Agricultural Bank known as Lba SA, formerly called the National Agricultural Credit Fund of Senegal known as Cncas SA the sum of 611,489,959 F Cfa, in addition […]

Troadec case. Hubert Caouissin sentenced to 30 years of criminal imprisonment

The Loire-Atlantique Assize Court delivered its verdict at 10:45 p.m. this Wednesday, July 7. Hubert Caouissin was sentenced to 30 years of criminal imprisonment, and Lydie Troadec, to 3 years of imprisonment, including one year of probation with compulsory care. All the experts had concluded that Hubert Caouissin’s discernment had been altered, which the jurors […]

Angers. Man Sentenced for Domestic Violence After Wife Calls 114

On the night of Monday 5 to Tuesday 6 July 2021, a violent man was arrested in Angers. His wife, in her forties, had contacted 114, an emergency telephone number for the deaf and hard of hearing reachable by SMS. Neither deaf or hard of hearing, she had learned about this device during confinement and […]