Los Angeles Chargers could cut Allen and Everett

Will the Los Angeles Chargers fire two star players? According to The Athletic, wide receiver Keenan Allen (left) and tight end Gerald Everett (right) are among the team’s “likeliest cut candidates” for the upcoming offseason. According to the report, firing Allen would save the franchise nearly $14.8 million. With a cut by Everett, it’s almost […]

A specialist reveals the conditions for obtaining a professional license for a teacher and linking bonuses and promotions to obtaining them • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Rewrite this content Al-Marsad Newspaper: The journalist, Saud Al-Shehri, revealed the conditions for obtaining a professional license for a teacher, and linking bonuses and promotions to obtaining them. Al-Shehri said, during his speech on the Ya Hala program: “In the professional license there are 3 types, practitioner, advanced and expert. The difference between them is […]

This is how financing works with the experts at KVB

KVB Finance : KVB Finanz informs: This is how financing works with the experts at KVB Limburg (ots) Money is a very sensitive topic for many people. No wonder, after all, nobody wants to give away their money due to wrong decisions or fall for dubious providers when it comes to financial matters. In addition, […]

-Why getting a mortgage is now more difficult?

Laura Martínez, from iAhorro explains the reasons why getting a mortgage has become -almost- an impossible mission. For a house of 150,000 euros, a buyer would need 30,000 for the down payment and about 15,000 for notary fees How much has a variable mortgage risen on average this year? The banking sector has been on […]

Lifting platform PEMP | Training & conditions

Checklist Lifting platforms: on-site inspection Accidents can occur when using MEWPs even if the intervention has been well planned. Therefore, always verify the safety of MEWPs on site. Use our checklist for this. Learn more about aerial platform control

8,000 mortgages in the Basque Country are at risk of default

The criteria agreed between the banks and the Treasury affect 3% of the loans for primary residence in the Basque Country The banks and the Ministry of Economy are finalizing the details of the relief measures for those families who have problems making ends meet due to the rise in mortgage prices. According to the […]

In mysterious circumstances, a Jordanian doctor threw herself from the ninth floor in Amman and left a message before she committed suicide.

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Jordanian doctor committed suicide by throwing herself from the ninth floor of the University of Jordan Hospital in Amman. And the Jordanian doctor tweeted, through her account on the “Twitter” website, before she jumped out of the window, saying: “Remind me of good…or even forget me.. Heck, this is forgotten.” For his […]

Fair conditions, high quality, new image: why the temporary work sector has changed

In recent years and decades, employment services have undergone significant changes – for the better. This transformation is not limited to the image; it also concerns the effective quality of services and working conditions. An example: temporary workers now earn as much – if not more – than their colleagues directly employed by the company. […]

How to improve the conditions of a mortgage?, by the experts at Helloteca

The real estate market is immersed in a context of uncertainty. A scenario that raises doubts among most homeowners with mortgages. The rise in the Euribor, the benchmark index by which most loans in Spain are governed, has caused a change of course in the mortgage direction of the banks. A new commercial strategy of […]