Belgium tightens health measures in the face of a resurgence of the epidemic

Faced with a “worrying” upsurge in coronavirus cases, Belgium announced this Monday, July 27 a new tightening of measures to counter the pandemic, in particular in the province of Antwerp, in the north of the country, where a curfew is going to be set up. “The epidemiological situation in the Antwerp region unfortunately obliges us […]

“But we are there to take measures which are necessary when they are necessary”

Posted on Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 05h55 Interviewed in the columns of the newspaper Le Soir, Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès returned to the decisions of the National Security Council on Thursday. Political choices that have been the subject of criticism. “The decisions taken are real and important,” nevertheless believes the Prime Minister in “Le […]

Drop in preterm births during lockdown puzzles doctors

This is good news that has not yet found a scientific explanation. In most countries of the world, February-April was the period during which population lockdowns were held. The American newspaper the New York Times recently recounted an astonishing medical fact observed by health professionals in several maternities around the world (taken up in France […]

under the threat of a second wave, Europe hardens its tone

Faced with the resurgence of contamination by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the threat of a second wave, the authorities in several European countries have toughened anti-Covid measures the last days. In France, the authorities have decided to make it compulsory to wear a mask in all closed establishments open to the public, “in particular shops”, […]

Fearing Baby Boom, Indonesia Begins Birth Control

Fearing Baby Boom, Indonesia Begins Birth Control Fearing a birth boom during confinement, Indonesia has decided to launch a massive birth control campaign. BABY-BOOM – 40,000 more births, this is what the Indonesian authorities fear after the coronavirus pandemic. As you can see in our video at the head of the article, because of the […]

“He said it was unprofessional” (photos)

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 3:55 p.m. This mother of two had the painful experience of losing her job … because of her two children. At the beginning of March, Dris Wallace started teleworking. Like many parents, this American had to learn to combine work and look after her two children, Dani, 4 […]

Why more and more women are abandoning makeup (even before confinement)

BEAUTY – Evidence of confinement as well as a decrease in the consumption of beauty products suggested, this Ifop survey confirms this. Back to the “natural” and trend of “no make-up” have been taking shape for a few years, deconfinement having been one more engine, shows this survey carried out for the Slow Cosmetic label, […]

“Just under 20% of the students did not return,” according to Blanquer

Jean-Michel Blanquer hammered him for several weeks: the students’ return to school was “fundamental” and “essential”. More than 80% of schoolchildren and almost 75% of middle school students have returned to school since June 22, in most academies, after three months of home schooling for some. “Just under 20%” however, students have not found the […]

Boris Johnson prepares for economic recovery as local restructuring begins

Published on : 30/06/2020 – 16:54Modified : 30/06/2020 – 16:54 Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday promised an “infrastructure revolution” inspired by the American “New Deal” to revive an economy hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Build, build, build”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday (June 30th) promised an “infrastructure revolution” inspired by the American […]