Sofa, an Infanta marked by her aunt, Doa Cristina

Opinion close It conveys ideas and draws conclusions based on the author’s interpretation of facts and data. Updated Friday, 24 April 2020 –01:38 The Infanta Sofa, about to turn 13 years old, performs her first public intervention; thus begins his responsibilities in the Crown La Infanta Sofa.E. M. .

The opposition charges the Government for disorderly conduct against the WHO and the EU: “If they had anticipated it, they would have slowed down the contagions”

The opposition has charged this Thursday against thegovernmentby desor the international recommendations to face the pandemic of thecoronavirusand to collect sanitary and protection material. Both the PP spokeswoman,Cuca Gamarra, such asVox,Juan Luis Steegman, have asked the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, for the information that EL MUNDO has released today, which has revealed that the […]