Britain’s new prime minister only talks about integrity – opinion

comment by Michael Neudecker Rishi Sunak is a smiler, sometimes that seems likeable, but smiling doesn’t suit every occasion. His advisers are said to have advised him not to smile during his first address as British Prime Minister at Downing Street, which is why Sunak looked almost frighteningly serious when he said he wanted integrity, […]

“Boris would agree with me”

Rishi Sunak is officially the new Prime Minister of the UK. After being proclaimed leader of the tories this Monday, today Sunak has formally received the commission to form a Government by King Carlos III. Upon leaving his audience with the monarch, the new prime minister has vindicated his mandate and has highlighted that he […]

Boris Johnson Drops Out of the Race to Become Prime Minister – NBC 7 Dallas (39)

LONDON — Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will not run to lead the Conservative Party, ending intense speculation about his possible return to leadership of that political grouping. Johnson, who was forced out in July amid ethics scandals, was widely expected to run to replace Liz Truss, who resigned last week. Johnson has […]

Aimless determination in Liz Truss

ZAt least those opposed to “mainstream” politics enjoyed Liz Truss for a while. Stoically and with a rebellious flicker in her eyes, the new British prime minister fought against the broad consensus that all Tory governments had more or less followed in recent years – despite Brexit. This includes the fact that the state tends […]

Rishi Sunak consolidates as favorite to succeed Boris Johnson | Europe | D.W.

Former British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak was the most voted this Monday (07.18.2022) in the third vote of the Conservative Party deputies who will elect Boris Johnson’s successor as party leader and, therefore, the new prime minister. In the vote this day Tom Tugendhat was definitively ruled out. On this occasion, Sunak obtained 115 votes […]

Rebalancing – BBC “Chairman” Richard Sharp

MMedia institutions funded by state-collected fees are under pressure almost everywhere in the western world – including the oldest and largest, the BBC. Complaints of partiality are mixed with accusations of unfair competitive advantage and wasting feepayers’ money. More than a million citizens have (illegally) stopped paying in the past four years. The BBC now […]

The Tories lose historic fiefdoms in local elections

The local elections held this Thursday in the United Kingdom have been a blow to the Conservative Party of Boris Johnsonwho has paid the price of partygate, the scandal of the parties organized by the prime minister in the middle of the pandemic. Completed the scrutiny in the majority of electoral colleges, the The Labor […]

Investigation into British Conservative MP for watching porn in parliament

Female Conservative MPs denounce sexism on the part of several of their male colleagues. A prominent MP is said to have watched porn on his phone during a session in the House of Commons. According to the British newspaper The Guardian Twelve to 14 female Conservative MPs met on Monday night with Chris Heaton-Harris, the […]

British MP Jamie Wallis comes out as transgender

The Conservative MP Jamie Wallis this Wednesday became the first British legislator to declare openly transgenderwhich prompted messages of support of his colleagues and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The announcement of Wallis takes place in a context of debate, often toxic, about the Rights of the transgender people and the gender identity in politics and […]