Christophe Lepetit: “A match without an audience is a degraded product”

Tomorrow, a sport without supporters? The closed-door resumption of the Bundesliga this weekend raises fears of the perpetuation of a sporting spectacle without audience and primarily televised, in line with a tendency to sanitize the stands in recent years. Responsible for economic studies at the Center for Law and Economics of Sport in Limoges, Christophe […]

Phyllis Schlafly, the anti-feminist who defended the “desperate housewives”

This article is from L, Libé’s feminism and sexualities newsletter. Receive the latest issue of L by registering here. Brilliant, ambitious and fine strategist. But also viscerally anti-feminist. By conviction as by opportunity, the American Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) took the head of a battalion of housewives and waged a war against the Equal Rights Amendment […]

Covid-19: at RC Lens, the ultra mobilized

“No longer going to Bollaert at all, it creates a vacuum … Even a little shock.” But hey, it’s better for the good of everyone, I think! “ Thirty-three years since Fred, a 41-year-old house painter, went to all RC Lens games played in his legendary English stadium. For a few weeks, the enclosure has […]

At war with boredom: vintage synths, English football and Mozart

1- With scented candles For twenty years, Sufjan Stevens’ career has been like a pendulum of medium: as soon as the most revered folk bard of his generation takes light (say, an Oscar nomination for his lamentos in Call Me by Your Name), he goes back into the darkness of his cellar tinkering with an […]

Coronavirus: the ultras “say no to a premature resumption of football”

“The ultras are the trade unionists of popular football”, explained to Release sports historian Sébastien Louis. In this health crisis, they also seem to be the guarantors of the health of spectators as much as the guardians of temples who only make sense with people in their spans. In a press release published on Monday, […]

Reason returns to Labor

Keir Starmer Starmer has to bring Labor together and relocate it. (Photo: AFP) The Labor Party has ended its experiment with the left course. After two electoral defeats in four years, the British Social Democrats have realized that Jeremy Corbyn’s policies are unlikely to be a majority. With Keir Starmer, they have now chosen a […]

US Senator Cruz self-quarantined after contact with the coronavirus carrier

WASHINGTON / WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) – Two U.S. Republican lawmakers, Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar, said on Sunday they would quarantine someone after contacting a Conservative meeting in late February, who has since Corona virus was tested positive. FILE PHOTO: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) heads toward the Senate Chamber on January […]

The largest conservative congress folds before Trump

David AlandeteFOLLOW Washington Updated:02/29/2020 02: 18h save Related news A word is repeated in the speeches of the largest conservative conference in the United States, which concludes today in Washington with a speech by Donald Trump: «socialism». To combat the rise of that political ideology, which will lead the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, those attending […]