Is a home savings contract worth it now?

Munich Bausparkassen are currently on a roll: In the first half of 2023, private Bausparkassen alone signed new contracts totaling EUR 38 billion. That was another ten percent more than in the already very strong first half of 2022. According to industry experts, business at the state building societies, the second large building society group, […]

You should know these 7 typical mistakes in construction financing

Construction site home Building is more expensive than it has been for a long time. Image: Ingo Bartussek – The fact that loans with ten-year fixed interest rates have become more expensive so quickly within ten months is unprecedented. The jumps in interest rates in the 1990s, when the average building loan interest rose […]

Austria’s Ministry of Social Affairs announces lawsuit against low interest rates

VIENNA According to a comparison platform of the Austrian Chamber of Labour, the interest for overdrafts is between 6.75 and 13.25 percent, while credit interest is only 0 or 0.01 percent. The ministry argued that these zero interest rates for current accounts are no longer justified in view of the significantly increased Euribor reference interest […]

Stadt-Sparkasse Langenfeld: Lending business with property developers is booming

Langenfeld · Some property developers are building for supplies in the hope that interest rates will fall and that demand will then rise again. Apartments would then be a rare commodity. Tfnqmcgapezxo wpgq rdyt zxq Obnraztlbbnelghfl suusnpxjt: „Rie Gxmfdlfoxshurisd oevsm“, ejet Gspapstgof. Jao Rinebexrn, hek dxxrn Keiivxejovdavltwdf nhjcwhccc ftcwt, qqrojg zilvu Vwkemxvnrabze. “Dij Xvrwjghgqap rjekbcu […]

Commerzbank fears further burdens in Poland after the ECJ ruling.

Commerzbank headquarters in Frankfurt Business with Swiss francs in Poland is likely to become even more expensive for Germany’s second largest private bank. (Foto: imago images/Ralph Peters) Frankfurt Die Commerzbank prepares for new burdens at its Polish subsidiary M-Bank. The reason is a ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which gave Polish bank customers […]

KfW loan home ownership for families in Osnabrück: A help?

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Federal government grants cheap loans to families

The federal government wants to make it easier for families to purchase real estate. For this reason, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) launched the “Home Ownership for Families” subsidy on June 1st. Industry representatives reacted rather cautiously to the program and called for higher income limits, for example. Read on now Get access to this […]

“Finding the Best Car Loan: A Comparison of 23 Providers in Germany”

car financing The terms of car loans are often the same as those of general installment loans. (Photo: dpa) Köln Cars are expensive. In 2022, 27 percent of all used cars and even 47 percent of all new cars were financed through loans or leasing, according to a survey by the market research institute Ipsos. […]