The dream of owning your own home is a long way off

The turnaround in interest rates has long been here: building interest rates are rising noticeably and making house purchases significantly more expensive. t-online explains what builders need to be prepared for now and how houses can best be financed. Lack of building materials, few craftsmen and expensive building land: Anyone who wants to build a […]

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Do you also dream of your own “4Walls”? At your request, we would be happy to put you in contact with residential and commercial real estate. We also accompany you in the right choice of a developer for the construction of your dream property. Or we can search and find the right plot of land […]

Consumer advocates for stricter EU rules on lending

Consumer advocates see risks in particular in financing that has not yet been covered by the directive, for example “buy now pay later” offers (buy now, pay later). According to a study by Finance Watch, which surveyed experts from consumer protection organizations in Europe, 43 percent of the offers examined had no credit check and […]

Leave or delete the mortgage? This is how owners make the right decisions

detached house Anyone who has paid off the home loan can save hundreds of euros on the mortgage. (Photo: imago images/blickwinkel) Frankfurt Very few real estate owners have paid for their home with their own assets, but financed it with a loan from the bank. Of course, this is not for free: in addition to […]