Recall of basmati rice containing too much aflatoxins

The rice is from the Carrefour brand. Following a test, it appeared that it contained too much aflatoxins. Lhe food company Soufflet is withdrawing its 1KG and 4X125 GR basmati rice from the Carrefour brand from sale and asks people who have bought it to bring it back to the store where they will be […]

Michael Jaffé could become a bankruptcy administrator at Wirecard

Berlin The district court in Munich was chosen by a man from the front row of German insolvency administrators: Michael Jaffé (56), as an expert, is to prepare the expert opinion on Wirecard AG’s insolvency application. This gives the Munich lawyer good chances of being appointed as the Group’s provisional insolvency administrator. Over the past […]

Corona drives trucks onto the Silk Road

Dusseldorf Duisburg harbor chief Erich Staake had put on the yellow safety vest, next to him at a safe distance NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst and China’s Consul General Feng Haiyang. From their point of view, what the high-ranking delegation brought together at the terminal in Ruhrort on Tuesday was a joyful event: for the […]

P&R containers are more in demand in the corona crisis than before

Container transporters in front of the port of Los Angeles So far, the corona crisis has not damaged the business of the P&R insolvency administrator. (Photo: Bloomberg) Berlin The global economy is suffering from the consequences of the corona pandemic, but the creditors of the insolvent P&R group could even benefit from the crisis: The […]

Munich bank threatens in the P&R scandal judgment on damages

Berlin The judges’ gesture was unmistakable: At the hearing in mid-March, the Chamber of the Munich I Regional Court recommended the Münchner Bank eG to compare itself with a P&R investor, as the Handelsblatt learned. If there is no comparison, the bank could be the first bank in Germany to be convicted of P&R investment […]