Did they stop paying you for quarantine? Federal labor law backs you up

MONTERREY.- After the Government of Mexico announced the health emergencyThe Federal Labor Law contemplates that employers will be required to pay the minimum wage to their workers for a period not exceeding one month. The federal undersecretary of health, Hugo L√≥pez-Gatell, declared that from March 30 to April 30, all non-essential activities in the country […]

Prevention, the best medicine – El Sol de Toluca

The rate of accidents in vacations or states of health contingency such as that experienced in Mexico by the COVID-19 pandemic increases because it is practically impossible to have full control of activities what to do minors in homes. Because attention is focused on cases of Covid-19 infection, it is difficult for the health sector […]

Banco Azteca denies asking clients to advance contingency payments

After an image was released on social networks in which a branch of Azteca Bank invites its users to “advance their credit for a possible closure of operations by a week or two” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the company ruled out applying such a measure. Until now, the bank of the Mexican […]