Thales Alenia Space, Copernicus tranche 1.8 billion – Last Hour scheduled

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Thales Alenia Space has been chosen by ESA, in coordination and with the agreement of the European Commission for the main missions of the Copernicus program, the satellite earth observation program, for monitoring the environment, disaster assessment and other important applications. The Italian-French joint venture (67% of Thales and […]

Employee shareholding, a way out of the crisis so as not to resuscitate the ISF

“We are entering a decisive period which will ask us to reflect, as many people suggest, on a new social contract because the challenges we have in front of us are immense and cannot be dealt with satisfactorily in the current framework. Let’s start by characterizing the challenges, by simplifying, they are three in number. […]

Veuve Clicquot and Sista launch a mentoring program for business leaders

LE FIGARO INFO – A hundred decision-makers bring their expertise to SME and start-up managers to help them overcome the crisis and move forward. Jean-Marc Gallot, president of the house Veuve Cliquot. Alexandre Tabaste A hundred decision-makers took no more than 48 hours to respond to the call from La Maison Veuve Clicquot and the […]

For an effective recovery, let’s cut consumer spending

Bertrand Dumazy is CEO of the Edenred group, a service and payment platform that supports actors in the world of work on a daily basis by connecting 50 million employee users in 46 countries to 2 million merchant partners through more than 850,000 corporate clients . In 2019, thanks to its global technological assets, the […]

Able to complete the Nord Stream-2 ship anchored in Germany :: Business :: RBC

After almost three months of sailing from Nakhodka, the Academician Chersky reached the project logistics terminal Ship “Academician Chersky” (Photo: Mikhail Golenkov / RIA Novosti) The Akademik Chersky vessel, owned by Gazprom’s daughter company Gazprom Fleet, anchored in the German port of Sassnitz. This is evidenced by the MarineTraffic portal. According to him, the route […]

FinDrive regains momentum to break out of containment

While the car rental start-up is idling, its founders are preparing a next fundraiser. Mimoun El Alami and Pascal Ghoson, founders of FinDrive. Personal collection It was really bad luck. On March 16, the two founders of FinDrive, Pascal Ghoson and Mimoun El Alami, had stalled for the first time with a view to raising […]

Visions du réel documentary festival: “In Guangzhou, globalization from below”

One of the most intriguing experiences of the deterritorialized festival was the Na China of the French Marie Voignier (photo DR) who, to auscultate the effects of globalized capitalism, followed three Cameroonian entrepreneurs launched into the heart of the reactor: the huge deregulated sap market in Guangzhou, China. Spending an hour to see them negotiate […]

a quarter of entrepreneurs are afraid of losing everything

Each passing day brings a lot of information that allows us to measure the extent of the economic blast linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. They all point in the same direction, namely that the worst is probably to come when activity is currently running at 50% of its production capacity and French companies are on […]

open space will no longer be as before

The return to the employees’ office leads companies to review the occupation and layout of workspaces. By Frédéric De Monicault Employees will have to take ownership of their workplace differently. 60085668 / zhu difeng – Will we continue to work in open-space after the deconfinement? Looking ahead to May 11, many companies are asking […]

My life in telework with … SH Conseil

Not easy for consultants to adapt to the new situation. Especially when you are alone on the front line. Sonia Heckmann explains her levers. By Frédéric De Monicault Sarah Heckmann launched SH Conseil, a consulting activity dedicated to the optimization and transformation of organizations and the development of human potential sh Sarah Heckmann has changed […]