Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labour: “Enable as many young people from Overseas France as possible to find a job” – All the news from Guyana on the Internet

C.B. Friday, February 11, 2022 – 3:37 p.m. The Minister of Labor was the guest this week of the political program “Face aux territories”, presented by Cyril Viguier, broadcast on TV5 Monde, in partnership with France-Antilles, France-Guyane, Nice-Matin and Ouest-France. Evoke the problems that affect the French closest to where they live, and for us […]

Education: the new health protocol made public

A.G. Monday, January 24, 2022 – 4:43 p.m. On January 19, the Rectorate of Guyana posted the new health protocol in force in the Academy. An adaptation to the Guyanese framework of the rules enacted at the beginning of the month by the Ministry of Education. Currently 43 schools are closed out of 182 for […]

Lyon, Toulouse, Grenoble… the best cities to study in France in 2017 – Practical

As every year, the editorial staff of L’Etudiant sifts through 44 student cities: accommodation, studies, sports, outings, culture, transport… this list, published this Wednesday, September 6, reveals the city in which the quality of life is best for studying. Here are the main lessons. In 2016, Grenoble, Poitiers and La Rochelle stood out, each in […]

Let’s go for five days of festivities and good business!

Today, Wednesday July 21, the 30e edition of the Martinique Fair Expo opens its doors to the public for five days of good business and entertainment under the theme “Holà Hispaniola”. Among the conditions required to allow it to run smoothly: the presentation of a health pass at the entrance to the site and a […]

Why the University of the West Indies will remain strong and united

Politicians from Martinique have recently publicly expressed their wish to separate from Guadeloupe and create a university in Martinique instead of the current University of the Antilles. To want this is to totally ignore the functioning of a university. It is ignoring the links that have united colleagues from Martinique and Guadeloupe for decades. This […]