Proof of efficacy more difficult: the Dilemma of vaccine-developers

Most people are relieved rates on declining the Transfer, for vaccine developers, however, are a real Problem. The researchers need to Dodge, therefore, new Hotspots of the pandemic. Africa and Latin America would be possible. The first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be waning. What facilitates all of them, for the vaccine developer […]

French restaurateur wins against Axa insurance

Empty gastronomy According to a court ruling, his insurer has to pay for the operating losses of a French restaurant operator. (Photo: dpa) Paris This is a decision that could have serious consequences for the legal assessment of the lockdown: Stéphane Manigold, a French operator of four restaurants, won against the insurer Axa in a […]

Top managers of Deutsche Bank should forego salary

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank boss Christian Sewing has a new mantra: “This time we are part of the solution.” Unlike the financial crisis, the bank should not be a burden but a blessing for society during the pandemic. Sewing apparently sees the corona crisis as an opportunity to repair the battered image of the money house. […]

only 100 billion euros more debt

The federal and state governments have put many billions in their hands to cushion the effects of the corona crisis. On the whole, you should leave it at that, says the Union. The SPD sees it differently. According to CSU boss Markus Söder, the federal government should only be allowed to incur a maximum of […]

The 5 construction sites for Italy’s Premier Conte

Rome Italy has long been the country worst hit by the corona pandemic worldwide. 228,000 corona infections, more than 32,000 deaths – it is still a devastating record overall. But Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is now giving the government a positive interim report for its crisis management. “Three months after the first case in Italy, […]

Rescue comes to a halt – the federal government makes new demands

Lufthansa rescue is delayed The federal government is demanding that Lufthansa renew its fleet and accept all aircraft ordered from Airbus. (Photo: dpa) Berlin, Frankfurt The rescue of the financially troubled airline Lufthansa is delayed. In the final phase of the talks, the federal government raised new demands that would make remediation almost impossible, informed […]

Flat-rate ban on classroom instruction unjustified

Classroom Many parents are worried about their livelihood because they have to give up childcare because of childcare, says the President of the Association of Pediatricians. (Photo: dpa) Cologne In the corona crisis, the professional association of pediatricians considers that a blanket ban on classroom attendance in schools is not medically justified. It was also […]

Real estate in Corona times: “Crises also offer bargains”

Frankfurt Michael Hüther is in demand these weeks. In the public discussion about ways out of the corona shutdown and the economic consequences of the crisis, the director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research regularly speaks up – most recently in cautionary terms, for example, about the risk to the existence of some industries. […]

What majority is needed for this in the Bundestag?

Berlin It was a political explosive proposal that Angela Merkel (CDU) and Emmanuel Macron unexpectedly presented on Monday. And so the Chancellor’s and the French President’s push for a € 500 billion reconstruction fund is causing ongoing controversial discussions. This applies to the European level, where states like the Netherlands and Austria opposed the plan, […]