These quarantine rules apply from May 1st

After most corona measures have been eliminated almost everywhere in the past few days, the quarantine is now to be relaxed. What will then apply to infected people in the future? Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) announced new quarantine and isolation rules on Monday. They should be voluntary from May 1st. However, there is […]

The mask requirement still applies here

These days, the mask requirement for shopping or leisure is falling in almost all federal states. Nevertheless, there are still some shops or leisure facilities that still require mouth and nose protection. Only Hamburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are taking even tougher action: there is a state-wide hotspot regulation and the mask requirement continues to apply […]

Relaxation in Spain and Poland: Corona is treated almost like flu

Easing also in Poland Spain treats Corona almost like flu 03/29/2022, 09:52 am In Germany, corona measures are only being relaxed tentatively. In other European countries, on the other hand, almost all regulations are no longer applicable. Both Spain and Poland are abolishing the quarantine requirement for infected people. In Poland, masks are only compulsory […]

1.5 million new infections in one week: Lauterbach issues a warning

The incidence in Germany continues to rise, while most of the corona rules are being abolished at the same time. Health Minister Lauterbach and RKI boss Wieler warn of the next wave of infections. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach and Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), have warned against declaring the pandemic […]

“Some families are about survival”

The food banks have less and less food. But because prices are rising everywhere, more people in need and now also Ukrainian refugees are coming. What does that do to the panels in the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach? Lisa is standing in front of the Offenbacher Tafel. On the southern edge of town. In […]

Streeck evaluates corona numbers: “A mild course is not a symptom-free course”

Streeck evaluates corona numbers “A mild course is not symptom-free” 03/16/2022, 4:44 p.m The corona parameters in Germany have been at a high level for days and are even rising slightly, while at the same time most measures to contain the pandemic will soon be eliminated. In view of the developments, is that premature or […]

High number of infections: China reports dramatic corona situation

For a long time, the corona pandemic in China was considered defeated and the government pursued a tough zero-Covid policy. But now the number of infections is increasing rapidly again, to the highest level since February 2020. With the highest number of corona infections in two years, China has again imposed a tough lockdown on […]

Increasing deaths nationwide: Corona intensive care cases in MV are increasing sharply

Instead of falling into the spring, the corona incidence is rising again nationwide, and the number of deaths is also increasing. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is the leader in terms of registered new infections, where the situation in the intensive care units is again becoming alarming. Even before the Russian invasion began, many had largely dismissed the […]

Hardly any appointment requests: Novavax vaccination boom is missing

Hardly any appointment requests Novavax vaccination boom is missing 03/02/2022, 4:55 p.m With the approval of the new vaccine from the US manufacturer Novavax, hope is growing that the vaccination campaign will pick up speed again. However, the German Association of General Practitioners reports only isolated inquiries. The German Association of General Practitioners is skeptical […]