Economy collapses dramatically due to pandemic

Turkey has not been spared from the corona pandemic either: the economy collapsed on a historic scale. There is also a currency crisis. But that’s good for vacationers. The corona crisis caused a historic economic slump in Turkey. The gross domestic product fell from April to June by 11.0 percent compared to the previous quarter, […]

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 02:53 Vietnam relaxes flight ban +++

Wednesday, September 02, 2020 Vietnam plans to start scheduled flights to South Korea and Japan again for the first time in the middle of the month. The aviation authorities of the three countries had reached an agreement for initially four flight connections per week, which should begin on September 15, state media quoted the head […]

Corona rallies in Berlin: Police stop demonstrators in front of the Reichstag

Almost 40,000 people are protesting in Berlin against the corona measures of the federal government and the states. Right-wing extremists also fight with the police. In front of the Reichstag building, the situation is almost spiraling out of control. On the sidelines of the large-scale rallies against the corona policy of the federal and state […]

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 06:58 Lauterbach: “Second lockdown will not be necessary” +++

The SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach considers a second lockdown to be unlikely in the Corona crisis. “A second lockdown will not be necessary”, Lauterbach told the business magazine “Business Insider”. It is important to test wisely and effectively track infection chains. He considers school and daycare closings to be “completely wrong. We definitely cannot […]

Osnabrück discotheque Neo closed after corona violations

Eating, drinking, listening to music and chilling out are allowed in discos even in Corona times, and you are not allowed to dance. imago stock&people Start your free trial month now! Complete your free trial now to read this article. All other content on our website and in the “noz News” app will then also […]

Rolls-Royce makes a loss of six billion euros

Aviation is on the ground in the Corona crisis. Because no aircraft are bought for this reason, fewer engines are needed. The British manufacturer Rolls-Royce is now feeling this strongly. The British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce incurred a loss of 5.4 billion pounds (around six billion euros) in the first half of the year due to […]

Coronavirus hotspot in Austria: Ischgl debacle causes wave of lawsuits

The vacation spot popular with tourists has long been one of the focal points of the Corona crisis in Europe. Now it’s about compensation for victims. The first lawsuits are to be filed promptly – thousands have reported. The first sample processes are emerging on the role of the Austrian tourist destination Ischgl in the […]

Brothels want to reopen – despite Corona

The Laufhäuser in Frankfurt have been closed since mid-March due to the corona pandemic. That brings with it some problems. The operators therefore demand to be able to open again at last. Photo series with 15 pictures The red light companies in Frankfurt want to reopen despite the corona pandemic. “We are able to adhere […]

Millions of tons of CO2 saved: According to the study, home office protects the climate

Thursday, August 20, 2020 Telephone and video conferences instead of daily car trips to the office: According to a study, if more people work more often in the home office, this saves greenhouse gases. The environmentalists from Greenpeace are therefore calling for state funding for mobile working. According to a study, working from home beyond […]