Corona: Anyone who wears a mask is not a jerk!

Comment Anyone who wears a mask is not a bully, but a protector Corona vaccination: useful refresher information Corona vaccination – useful refresher information The new corona vaccines are intended to provide better protection against infection with current sub-variants of the coronavirus. A booster vaccination against Sars-Cov-2 is recommended, especially at risk groups and older […]

Corona mask requirement overturned: family judge convicted of perverting the law

A family judge who wanted to use a decision to overturn the corona mask requirement at two schools in Weimar has been sentenced to probation. The district court of Erfurt found the lawyer guilty of perverting the law on Wednesday and imposed a prison sentence on him. The sentence was suspended for two years. Prosecutors […]

Corona variant EG.5: Vaccination in autumn? One group should pay special attention now

health protection Corona: Should I be vaccinated again in autumn? 22.08.2023, 16:29 | Reading time: 5 minutes Video graphic: How vaccinations work Video graphic: How vaccinations work The manufacturers Biontech and Moderna want to deliver vaccines adapted to new corona variants soon. Vaccination simulates an infection. This allows the body to develop defense mechanisms against […]

After the corona pandemic: federal states report a sharp increase in domestic violence

Deutschland crime Federal states report sharp increase in domestic violence Stand: 18.06.2023 | Reading time: 4 minutes Increasing numbers, high number of unreported cases: Many victims are afraid to report violence in their private lives Quelle: Getty Images The federal states report a drastic increase in victims of criminal offenses and crimes in the private […]

The Corona update of May 28th

The pandemic has lost its terror, even if people continue to become infected. We collect here the Corona news that was important this week. With the Corona rules infections have generally declined in recent years – actually good news, especially for families with small children, who are otherwise particularly plagued by infections during the […]

WHO lifts global corona health emergency

Science World Health Organization WHO lifts global corona health emergency Stand: 05.05.2023 | Reading time: 3 minutes The WHO no longer classifies the Covid-19 pandemic as a health emergency Source: dpa/Daniel Bockwoldt You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In order to display embedded content, your revocable consent to the transmission and processing of […]

These corona rules end in Austria on May 1st – Vienna Online – Corona Vaccination

Von . – 1.05.2023 16:45 (Akt. 1.05.2023 17:13) These Corona rules end on May 1st. ©APA/CanvaPro (Subject) Some existing Corona rules will end on Monday, May 1st. provides an overview of the rules here. The obligation to wear masks, which lasted until recently, is also history in vulnerable areas such as hospitals, old people’s […]

Corona: Further measures should end early on March 1st

Deutschland “Virus manageable in everyday life” Further corona measures should end early on March 1st Stand: 14.02.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes Further corona measures should end on March 1st The pandemic is losing its terror. From March 1st, most of the corona measures that are still in force will no longer apply. But isn’t […]

Quarantine & mask requirement in public transport

Rewrite this content There have been adapted corona measures in Germany since October. In some places, quarantine rules and the obligation to wear masks in public transport have already been lifted. How is it in North Rhine-Westphalia? An overview. Does autumn bring a new corona wave? It doesn’t look like that at the moment. […]

End already at carnival 2023?

Rewrite this content The mask requirement in hospitals could soon end. Bavaria would have nothing against an earlier end to the corona protection measures. One expert calls this “irrational”. There has been tremendous momentum in corona policy. From the beginning of February, masks will no longer be compulsory in local and long-distance traffic. Even […]