All you need to know about the transmission of the Coronavirus through aerosols

Scientists are still trying to understand the Corona virus and its transmission methods, and researchers have found that the virus is highly contagious and spreads through the air drops of an infected person while coughing, sneezing or speaking, it can remain even on some surfaces for a few days. In this report we learn about […]

Indian researcher Arinjay Banerjee among scientists who isolated COVID-19

TORONTO CANADA) :: Indian postdoctoral researcher Arinjay Banerjee was part of a team of Canadian scientists who managed to isolate Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) with severe acute respiratory syndrome that is responsible for the onset of COVID-19 and more than Has infected 200,000 globally. Banerjee is a postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University with research interests in […]

Study confirms: coronavirus can survive in the air for hours

Many scientists now believe that the new coronavirus only spreads from the surface, so people are advised to wash their hands frequently to avoid infection, but a preliminary study revealed that the new coronavirus can stay in the air for hours. A group of researchers has found that COVID-19 It can live in the air […]

Which countries are safe from virus outbreak?

While at home, Australians are encouraged to do business as usual, it’s a different matter for travelers. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has again extended the Australian travel ban to Italian people following a similar ban on South Korea, China and Iran. In addition to level 4 warnings for China, Iran, Italy, and parts of South […]