Coronavirus claimed the life of a nurse and doctor in Antioquia and Boyacá

After fighting 26 days in the Intensive Care Unit, a nurse from the IPS University of Medellín lost the battle against the coronavirus. Her colleagues remember her as a happy and kind-hearted woman who gave her life out of love for service. Olga Cecilia Uribe Villegas had been a nurse in the emergency service of […]

Covid-19 infection in men and women is different, here are the reasons – Recent studies published in the journal Nature, looked at the immune response in men and women to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. These findings explain why men are more likely to experience severe symptoms when infected with Covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, elderly men have a higher chance of dying from Covid-19 than […]

NEWS: Coronavirus: woman lost her two parents and three brothers

El Salvador is a country in which the coronavirus has not hit particularly hard, according to its official figures it registers 14,000 infected. However, there is a woman who has lived through the harshness of the pandemic: in just two months, her family was destroyed. This is Raquel Barrera, 28, whose story moves social networks. […]

English tourists cancel trips and stays in the Algarve

© Lusa (file) ByMaria Augusta Casaca 07 July, 2020 • 15:15 Before the British government’s decision was announced, tourists from the United Kingdom were canceling trips to the Algarve. The president of the Regional Tourism Authority of the Algarve (ERTA) has an explanation: “the fact that in the British media is being announced two weeks […]