Patients Soar, Sorong City Government Opens Covid-19 Village Referral Hospital …

loading… PUSH – Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the CityShove, West Papua continues to increase, a number of health facilities or hospitals are full. To anticipate this problem, the City Government of Sorong increased the capacity of the COVOD-19 referral hospital in Kampung Baru, Sorong City. The Task Force for Handling COVID-19 released […]

Corona Virus Cases and the End of Doctor Strike in South Korea … Page all – The pandemic is not over, even for developed countries like South Korea. Previously, the doctors in Gingseng Country had been on strike since August 21. However, now they have decided to stop striking because Covid-19 cases have increased. Reported ReutersOn Friday (4/9/2020), Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said doctors in South Korea had agreed […]

100 Doctors Died from Covid-19, What Are the Impacts? All pages – Six months after the first Covid-19 case report in Indonesia on March 2, 2020, the current Covid-19 cases in Indonesia have reached 174,796 cases. Of these, 7,417 people died. Meanwhile 125,959 people were declared recovered. Of the number of victims who died, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) recorded more than 100 doctors who […]

Study: Coronavirus Detected in Children for Weeks Page all – Children can carry the coronavirus in their nose and throat for several weeks even if they don’t have symptoms. This means that children with mild or even no symptoms can infect those around them without being noticed. This finding was reported by researchers in South Korea on Friday (28/8/2020). Also read: Predicting when […]

Stories of Doctors Treating Corona Patients Who Experience Happy Hypoxia Page all emerging infection disease team (PIE) Prof. Hospital. Dr. Margono Soekarjo, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, recently found several COVID-19 patients experiencing happy hypoxemia syndrome or happy hypoxia, namely the condition of a person with low oxygen levels in the body. One of the pulmonary specialist doctors at Prof. Dr. Margono Soekarjo, Graduation Moniqa Silviyana, said […]

Some Notes on the British Recession … page all – The UK economy is shrinking 20.4 percent compared to the first three months of this year. This pushed the country into the brink of its first technical recession, since 2009. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the government was grappling with something unprecedented and full of uncertainty. Meanwhile, shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds blamed Prime Minister […]

When WHO Warns of the Danger of “Vaccine Nationalism” … Page all – The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the world about “vaccine nationalism”. The warning is addressed to rich countries that if they keep the care to themselves, they cannot hope to stay safe if poor countries remain exposed. Reported by The Guardian (7/8/2020), when cases of Covid-19 infection surpassed 19 million on Friday […]