NEWS: Coronavirus: woman lost her two parents and three brothers

El Salvador is a country in which the coronavirus has not hit particularly hard, according to its official figures it registers 14,000 infected. However, there is a woman who has lived through the harshness of the pandemic: in just two months, her family was destroyed. This is Raquel Barrera, 28, whose story moves social networks. […]

Family denounces that they began to choose who to assign UCI in Bogotá

A real drama suffers a family in southwestern Bogotá, who fears that the 71-year-old grandfather may die, because he infected with coronavirus and has difficulty breathing, but you they denied admission to the Intensive Care Unit at Fontibón Hospital. As reported Marcela Carvajal in dialogue with La FM, to its grandfather Luis Alfonso Nieto, 71 […]

NEWS: They create a necklace that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus

This is how this novel invention created during a pandemic works. They create a necklace that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus. In the midst of the current worldwide pandemic, studies are focused not only on finding a cure for the virus, but also on ways to prevent its spread. NASA engineers have created a […]

Occupancy of ICUs in Bogotá reached 73.8 percent –

Occupancy of ICUs in Bogotá reached 73.8 percent How is the government buying UCI fans? Snail News The last straw: There is nowhere to install 300 fans in Bogotá! Las2orillas 30 ICUs of two IPS are taken out of inventory, due to the lack of necessary human equipment in Bogotá Canal 1 Hospitals of […]

United States donated 200 ventilators for coronavirus pandemic

The Colombian government received this Wednesday in Bogotá 200 portable respirators donated by the United States that will serve to reinforce the hospital infrastructure that cares for patients affected by the coronavirus, official sources reported. The United States Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, also announced a contribution of seven million dollars to strengthen food security […]