doctors ask for more care before respiratory peak

One more threat presents itself apart from the coronavirus, at this time of rain there are at least 20 viruses circulating in the environment, therefore, controls, protection and vaccination can save people from falling into them. Pediatric emergencies have already increased by 40%. “We calculate that from 30 to 40% the emergencies for respiratory care […]

Coronavirus claimed the life of a nurse and doctor in Antioquia and Boyacá

After fighting 26 days in the Intensive Care Unit, a nurse from the IPS University of Medellín lost the battle against the coronavirus. Her colleagues remember her as a happy and kind-hearted woman who gave her life out of love for service. Olga Cecilia Uribe Villegas had been a nurse in the emergency service of […]

Legal Medicine Workers were infected with covid-19 in Ibagué

“It is worrying Legal Medicine Tolima Regarding the number of cases, because in total there are 47 employees, of which 22 are going in shifts to carry out work and nine of those 22 are affected, practically 30% of those who are able to go to work in person”, Indicated Javier Valero, president of Asonal […]

Guiding Health System Change in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to pose significant and unprecedented challenges in the capacity of health systems at the international level, which is why the question arises as to how well are health systems responding to the challenges posed by COVID-19? One difficulty in addressing this issue from a qualitative perspective is that the pandemic is ongoing, which […]

NEWS: Coronavirus: woman lost her two parents and three brothers

El Salvador is a country in which the coronavirus has not hit particularly hard, according to its official figures it registers 14,000 infected. However, there is a woman who has lived through the harshness of the pandemic: in just two months, her family was destroyed. This is Raquel Barrera, 28, whose story moves social networks. […]

World: Coronavirus | Colombia passes Italy in number of infections in full ac

Bogotá. The Colombian Ministry of Health reported this Sunday of 8,181 new cases of COVID-19, with which the country reached 248,976 infections and overtook Italy, which became the nation most affected by the pandemic. The propagation speed of coronavirus It is high in Colombia and today’s 8,181 positive cases are the third highest number since […]

Age is not a determining factor in caring for patients with coronavirus in the ICU

The National Academy of Medicine made recommendations to intensivist doctors who have to face at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic an ethical dilemma to guarantee the attention of patients with a better life diagnosis in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the country. The team leader who wrote the recommendations for ethical conflicts in […]

Seniors over 70 will be able to exercise outdoors two hours a day

The guardianship judgment did not apply the exception that stated that older adults could exercise outdoors three times a week. 17 Jul 2020 11:472020-07-17T11:47:14ZBy: The National Government announced that the judgment of first instance guardianship issued on July 2, 2020 did not apply the exception implemented within the framework of compulsory isolation and that […]