Index – Domestic – New catarrhal disease spreads in addition to coronavirus

The fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic has already begun in Hungary. Over the weekend, there were 1,079 new infections, 13 lost their lives, and the number of patients treated in the intensive care unit also increased. According to the latest data, 289 new infections have been detected in the last day and five patients […]

Index – Domestic – The latest data indicate the spread of the epidemic

2021.09.20. 16:43 The concentration of coronavirus in wastewater is slowly but steadily increasing, the latest data from the National Center for Public Health (NNK) reported. At week 37, coronavirus concentrations in wastewater samples continue to show a slow increase relative to the national average. Most of the examined settlements are characterized by a stagnant trend, […]

Index – Domestic – Coronavirus in Hungary: 247 new infected, one dead

By Friday, 247 new infections had been registered, and one patient had died. The hospital cares for 149 patients with coronavirus, 19 of whom are on ventilators, according to a government information page. The number of vaccinated persons is 5,799 584, of which 5 512 118 people have already received their second vaccination. Their third […]

Index – Domestic – John Slavik revealed how to prevent the fourth wave

We need to prepare for the fourth wave, and the most important part of this is for everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, said János Szlávik, chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of the South Pest Central Hospital on Thursday at Kossuth Radio Good Morning, Hungary! in his show. János Slavik emphasized that […]

Index – Domestic – Bad news, coronavirus concentrations rise again

2021.08.24. 12:32 Modified: 24/08/2021 12:53 At week 33, the coronavirus result of the wastewater samples shows an increasing trend on a national average, the SARS-CoV-2 concentrations are the same as those measured in the ascending branch of the second wave – reported by the National Center for Public Health. Among the examined cities, a strongly […]

Index – Domestic – Nearly 5.4 million vaccinated, 106 newly infected

By Friday, 106 new infections had been registered and two had died. The hospital cares for 289 patients, 43 of whom are on a ventilator, according to daily epidemic data published on the central information page. The number of vaccinated persons is 5,389 058 people, 4 of them 360 313 people have already received their […]

Index – Economy – Covid vaccine from pharmacy?

Medison Pharma is the first pharmaceutical wholesale company to launch a coronavirus vaccine in Hungary. The news was announced on Tuesday by the company, Moderna’s mRNA-based vaccine will be sold in Israel and nineteen Central and Eastern European countries, including Hungary. What does this mean exactly? The purchase of coronavirus vaccines (jointly procured in the […]