Minsa: people who had COVID-19 can donate blood

The general director of the Division of Donations, Transplants and Blood Bank of the Ministry of Health, Juan Almeyda Alcantara, reported that people who have had COVID-19 can also donate blood and that it is in no way an impediment to do so. Of course, they must meet one month since they were discharged to […]

They will present a precautionary measure to nullify the return of health personnel

Following the promulgation of Supreme Decree No. 051-2021 that establishes the return of health personnel who were in remote work, the Medical Federation He expressed his rejection of the measure. According to the head of the union in La Libertad, Carlos Valderrama Valdivia, medical professionals are still vulnerable to COVID-19, despite being vaccinated. “We are […]

Misinformation caused 2.5 million to be without vaccines

Another 2.5 million citizens could have been vaccinated in these months had it not been for the disinformation campaign carried out by the Willax channel, the vaccinagate and, in part, for the laboratory’s lack of transparency Sinopharm, says Percy Mayta-Tristán, Research Director at the Southern Scientific University. This campaign, as is known, was led by […]

CMP on easing for Mother’s Day: “It’s a dangerous decision”

Miguel Palacios Celi, dean of the Medical College of Peru, mentioned that the new flexibility measures dictated by the Government for Mother’s Day are a dangerous decision and there could be a change in the curve of the pandemic that was decreasing. “And right at this moment it becomes more flexible and encourages people to […]

Coronavirus in Peru: warn of increase in cases in some regions

Although there is an encouraging outlook in the country regarding Covid-19 statistics, some regions already report an increase in the positivity of detected cases, as is the case in Lambayeque and Ica. According to the PUCP data analyst Rodrigo Parra, in the case of Lambayeque the percentage of positivity with molecular tests rose from 12% […]