Covid cases rise by 10% in Madrid among those over 60 years of age

The Madrid’s community has registered a 10.1% increase in the number of new cases confirmed by Covid-19 between population over 60 years in the last seven days and the number of people hospitalized has increased compared to the end of the previous week, with two more admitted to the ward and another two to the […]

“The orientation is now given again”

March 02, 2022 – 13:37 Clock Summer, sun, corona-free break? This has always been the case in recent years. But because the omicron variant is very contagious, Germany’s number 1 corona expert, Christian Drosten, advises in the “Coronavirus Update” podcast not to do without FFP2 masks indoors in summer. This is the only way to […]

20 coronavirus patients died in Hungary over the weekend

In the last three days, 1,183 new infections have been confirmed, which has increased the number of identified infections to a total of 821,261 since the beginning of the epidemic, writes The majority of the 20 deaths were elderly, chronic patients, bringing the number of deaths to 30,171. The number of healed is currently […]

Find out who are the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia

The Government gave details about the next arrival of vaccines that will occur between this Thursday and Saturday. Find out who the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia are for. The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that the vaccines that arrive from the Moderna pharmaceutical company will be for specific prioritization. As revealed by […]

Stricter entry rules when entering from Germany> 06. September 2021 – 17:48 clock Germany upgraded in the Netherlands In Germany, the corona numbers keep increasing. That is why our neighboring country has now taken the necessary steps: From September 6th, new and stricter entry regulations for Germans will apply in the Netherlands. +++ All current information about the coronavirus can be […]

Delta patients suffer from these severe symptoms

26. August 2021 – 7:18 clock Low vaccination rate is now taking revenge For a long time, Australia, along with New Zealand, was considered a model state in terms of Corona. Many people in charge believe that you can shield yourself very well on an island. The result: too few people have been vaccinated. This […]

Jens Spahn is planning this for the Corona winter 2021> 05. August 2021 – 10:18 clock Corona restrictions also remain in autumn and winter How will the corona measures continue? Which ones can soon be eliminated thanks to the ongoing vaccination campaign and which ones will still be preserved? Jens Spahn and the Ministry of Health have now developed a package of measures that […]

Anti-coronavirus drugs can make a difference

For the time being, the coronavirus epidemic can only be controlled with vaccines, but the first anti-Covid drugs may become available by the end of this year. Merck and Pfizer are closest to this, but Japan’s Shionogi is also experimenting. More than a year and a half after the pandemic broke out, many may rightly […]

7 questions & answers about vacation and everyday life with the certificate

Vaccination card should make vacation and everyday life easier In the future, corona vaccinations should be very easy to detect: quickly read out a QR code and vaccinated people are exempted from quarantine, for example. The principle sounds simple, but will it be that easy in practice? We clarify the most important questions. IT expert […]

Who is more likely to have a long-term covid? | COVID- 19

Symptoms that persist for months after Kovid’s recovery. This is what is bothering many people today. Many problems such as shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety are part of the long-term course. Postcovid clinics are popping up for this in many cities. Long-term covid is influenced by a number of factors, including age, […]