Coronavirus situation

Protest against COVID, warning signs of chaotic society

29 October 2020 351 Protest against COVID, warning signs of chaotic society While protests against government tightening measures are not just in Italy, in other European countries like Spain. Switzerland And the Czech Republic is protesting about it. Clashes between police officers and protesters in Turin Northern italy Who are not satisfied with the government’s … Read more

Head of White House doctor says COVID vaccine will become clear in December

25 October 2020 360 Anthony Fauci said to know the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. By the beginning of this December Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Physician of the Task Force for COVID-19 Control Of the white house And US infectious disease experts Said on Sunday that COVID-19 vaccine It will become clear that … Read more

COVID outbreaks in the US Midwest.

October 22, 2020 114 COVID outbreaks in the US Midwest. Number of infections – daily deaths hit record Reuters reported. Six US Midwestern states have record daily new cases and deaths. Which prompted those states to initiate new stricter measures against citizens, schools and businesses The report states that Until Wednesday (Oct. 21), Iowa, Minnesota, … Read more

‘WHO’ points out for Dexamethasone Treat severe COVID cases

17 October 2020 796 World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out Dexamethasone It’s the only drug that can treat severe COVID cases. Xinhua news agency reported that On Friday (16 Oct.) World Health Organization (WHO) has released the latest results from four international trials of the drug to treat COVID-19 indicating that The drug is effective … Read more