“ECB criticized for not efficiently using supervisory powers to manage bank risks”

LUXEMBURG This point is crucial, as poor risk management can jeopardize the existence of banks and the entire financial system, the experts write. The ECB did keep a better eye on the institutions’ credit risk and problem loans. However, it does not use its tools and supervisory powers efficiently to ensure that the risks identified […]

Why banks are now rejecting so many real estate loans

house building Financing based on small surpluses “is no longer easily waved through.” (Photo: Mauritius images / Ralf Gerard) Frankfurt The number of newly granted home loans is lower than it has been for many years. This is confirmed by banks and intermediaries. However, this is not due to a lack of demand, as a […]

Why holding large cash reserves is the right strategy now

Cash Investments and long-term investments are becoming increasingly unpopular with companies, instead hoarding cash reserves. (Photo: dpa) Hoard cash or invest profits? Companies have opted for the former, at least for now. More than one million German companies with a total of 765 billion euros are currently holding more cash and readily available deposits than […]

New business in corporate finance is booming

Frankfurt German companies and the self-employed continue to borrow large amounts of money from banks and savings banks. New lending business is likely to have increased at a record-breaking rate in the third quarter. This emerges from the latest credit market outlook, which the state development bank calculates exclusively for the Handelsblatt. As early as […]

OTS: KfW / Solar energy on the rise: KfW supports Indo-German …

Frankfurt am Main – A further EUR 150 million for the expansion and conversion of Indian energy supply intowards solar energy– Promotion of innovative technologies– Over 600,000 MWh annual electricity production through larger solar parks between50 and 250 MW power– Reduction of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions by around 500,000 tons of CO2per year […]

Banks are increasingly reluctant to lend to companies

With rising energy and logistics costs, more and more companies are reaching their limits and have to consider applying for a business loan. However, according to a recent survey by the Ifo Institute, this is no longer an easy solution either: 24.3 percent of the companies that are currently trying to get a loan report […]