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“The Edge” in New York: New spectacular platform opened

City trips „The Edge“ Spectacular viewing platform opens in New York Those with a head for heights usually want to see New York from above. The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and One World Trade Center offer the best views of the city. Now they are competing with a new viewing platform. Published on 03/10/2020 … Read more

North Manhattan: This is a place tourists almost never find in New York

City trips North of Manhattan Tourists almost never find this place in New York New York has a new tourist attraction. The High Bridge was opened in the far north of Manhattan. If you cross it, you stand in the Bronx, the opposite of fashionable Manhattan. Published on 07/29/2015 | Reading time: 3 minutes The … Read more

USA: autumn blues? But not in New York!

In autumn, one thing in Europe becomes particularly important: melancholy. It’s very different in New York. Here autumn is the golden season. Finally you can take to the streets without hesitation. Published on 11/04/2013 | Reading time: 3 minutes In New York, the autumn days are not gray. Instead, the sky glows blue and the … Read more