Insurer Axa loses in dispute over restaurant closings

Waiter with a mask Bars and restaurants have been closed in many countries to slow the spread of the corona virus. (Photo: Bloomberg) Paris The French industry giant AXA has suffered a defeat in the dispute over business closure insurance for hotels and restaurants in the corona crisis. A commercial court awarded the operator of […]

No claim for compensation for a delayed partial flight

Chaos on the flights The European Court of Justice ruled that a delay in the partial flight does not necessarily entitle to compensation. (Photo: dpa) Luxembourg According to a judgment of the European Court of Justice, passengers are not necessarily entitled to compensation if a partial flight was rebooked against their will and they therefore […]

Large stores in Bavaria can now only open to a limited extent

ALarge stores can now open again if they limit their retail space to 800 square meters. The Ministry of Health changed the previous line on Monday, according to which these stores were not allowed to open with a few exceptions. “If such stores open after they have limited the sales area that is actually accessible […]

The Czech Republic abolishes corona restrictions after court decision

DThe Czech government has surprisingly lifted the exit restrictions that have been in effect for weeks. This will apply from Friday, said Health Minister Adam Vojtech late Thursday evening in Prague. Since March 16, citizens have only been allowed to go to work, to go shopping, to the doctor or to go for walks in […]

The return to the time clock does not have to be

time clock Employers fear a widespread return to time recording. (Photo: AP) Berlin Ingrid Schmidt does not understand the excitement: “Most employers have already introduced a working time recording system,” said the President of the Federal Labor Court (BAG) at the beginning of February at the annual press conference. In fact, a Randstad survey in […]