Al-Ittihad – Argentina records record daily death toll in Coruna

Argentina has recorded a record daily death toll from the emerging corona virus, 113, bringing the total number of corona victims in the Latin American country to 2,373, according to the authorities.This record outcome comes at a time when some of the restrictions it imposed in the South American country were lifted to limit the […]

When does air infect corona virus and infect others? .. A study answers

02:00 PM Friday 24 July 2020 I wrote – Noor Ibrahim: A new study conducted by the American University of Nebraska revealed that the Corona virus “Covid 19” can be transmitted through the air, whether from a patient’s cough and sneeze, or even speaking or breathing. The study, supervised by pathologist and biologist Dr. Josh […]

Shocking numbers of Corona injuries in India – one world – are out of bounds

The number of cases of Covid-19 disease, caused by the emerging coronavirus in India, exceeded 600,000 on Thursday, and the country recorded 17,834 deaths, as authorities attempted to curb the outbreak of the virus in conjunction with facilitating closures, according to the Ministry of Health. The increase raises the pressure already accumulated on the medical […]

Corona in 24 hours Egypt is close to 17 thousand injuries and global health

The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 727 new cases that proved positive for its laboratory analyzes of the virus, as part of the Ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures according to WHO guidelines, pointing to the death of 28 new cases. The World Health Organization, issued a warning of large gatherings during the celebration […]

Governmental hospitals begin preparing to provide Corona services … and arrange

07:33 PM Thursday, May 21, 2020 Books – Ahmed Jumaa: Hospitals scheduled to participate in the services of suspected cases of infection with the newly emerging virus, Corona, began preparing to receive citizens and conduct the necessary tests for them. Yesterday, the Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, announced the inclusion of all public and central […]

“World Health” reveals the best antiseptic for the prevention of corona

09:03 PM Thursday, May 21, 2020 Agencies With the spread of the Coruna virus, and increasing cases of deaths and deaths from around the world, the majority of people live in a state of panic and obsessive about personal hygiene. This leads most people to supply all kinds of disinfectants, by killing germs, bacteria and […]

Infection of a staff at the General Court of Qalyubia Governorate, Corona virus

12:55 am Sunday 17 May 2020 Qalyubia – Osama Alaeddin: A well-informed source inside the General Court of Qalyubia Governorate confirmed that an employee inside the General Court had been infected with the new Corona virus “Covid 19”. The source added, in press statements today, Sunday, that the employee’s office and its attachments were closed […]