Youtube star El-Jindaoui: Naders Trikot lays Hertha’s Online Shop – Bundesliga

It’s Nader madness! At 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Hertha released the jersey of U23 signing Nader El-Jindaoui (25). Sounds unspectacular – but led to a crazy rush to the Bundesliga club’s online shop, as a result of which even the servers gave way. Not Boateng, not Bobic: who paralyzes Hertha’s online shop? Nader! The […]

Hertha BSC brings YouTube star Nader El-Jindaoui – Bundesliga

An unusual transfer! Hertha brought in striker Nader El-Jindaoui (25) from the Berlin Athletik Klub 1907 for the regional league team. A small change for Hertha’s U23? Not quite. Or better: not only. El-Jindaoui (14 goals in 35 games in the 2021/22 season) has what many young professionals envy: 1.6 million followers on the Instagram […]

SV Darmstadt: Already with one leg in the Bundesliga on Friday? – 2nd Bundesliga

Darmstadt must submit Friday (6.30 p.m.) in Düsseldorf, because the promotion competitors all only play at the weekend. Bright excitement at the lilies? Not a trace. Coach Torsten Lieberknecht (48) says: “We have normality and I find it really exciting that this is the case at the moment.” +++ BILD is now also available on […]