WHO warns about the use of different doses of anticovid vaccines

World Health Organization (WHO) clarified today that people who are vaccinated against covid-19 they should not unilaterally decide to mix doses from different manufacturers, but should follow the advice of public health agencies. “Individuals should not decide for themselves, but the agencies of public health they can do it, based on available data, “said WHO […]

Solve doubts, register for the covid vaccination “Thai Ruamjai” which vaccine did you get?

Bangkok. A collection of frequently asked questions, questions, how to register for the “Thai Ruam Jai” vaccination, which vaccines do you get? Bangkok (Bangkok) kick offcovid vaccinationcarpet in the project”Thai Ruamjai(Thais Ruam Jai, Bangkok, Safe, SAFE BANGKOK) at 25 out-of-hospital vaccine service cooperation centers in Bangkok on 7 June. Summary of people vaccinated on June […]

Where are 6 million doses of COVID vaccine in Thailand in a nutshell?

23 May 2021 | by Bangkok Business Online 728 FACC summarizes the timeline of ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ in Thailand. And how is it managed Information center page COVID-19 (FRC) disseminates information.Where is the 6 million vaccine in Thailand already? In summary as follows From 24 Feb – 20 May ’64, Thailand has received 6 million doses […]