Mutation? Curious fur dachshund goes viral in nets

Dachshunds often have fur in two color combinations. Or black with caramel, or completely caramel. In some very specific cases, some have been born completely black, but a puppy went viral. Its combination of colors in the coat is something never seen before in this breed. Many internet users praised it as being completely unique. […]

Fury in the nets by Moo, the dachshund that looks like a cow | Chronicle

In social networks there is space for everything, but without a doubt, animals occupy the first place among the favorite contents of internet users. That is why Moo, became an Instagram sensation. This unusual dachshund has a strange coat, which combines two types of fur. Her name is Moo, onomatopoeia of the cow mooing. And […]

Scaring Cow: Farmer angry about TikTok Challenge – clear warning

Cologne – Farmer Georg Doppler is actually a friend of social networks and even travels on various channels, posts videos and photos of daily farm work, animals or simply life in the country. But he has no understanding of a new trend on TikTok, which is apparently now spilling out of the USA and China. […]

Pedal, you will have cheese – Culture / Next

Animated photo Emmanuel Pierrot for Liberation If at 50 you didn’t make hay, you missed your life. Haymaking has always been our Rolex. Walking between the swaths of cut grass after the mower has passed is a luxury that cannot be calculated beyond the jewels of Place Vendôme. Remembering our first boots hoisted into the […]

Out in the open: Pablo Aguado’s delight in the historic house of Miura

Updated Tuesday, 5 may 2020 –19:38 TWITTER PABLO AGUADO / J.J. DIAGO The images ofPablo Aguado tempting open field in ZaharicheThey have gone viral in the few hours they have been posted on their social networks. The naturalness of his bullfighting finds sculptural perfection with Miura’s tight calves. The bucolic prairie of Lora, in full […]

Vista reported results and its stock rose more than 30%

With the presentation of Galuccio, Vista was the first company dedicated to shale that reported results globally, and after the balance sheet exposure, the markets reacted positively and the company’s stock rose more than 30%. During the presentation, Galuccio announced the measures that the company is taking in the current scenario to protect the cash […]

Women who reinvent the Galician countryside | Society

While his business partners were dreaming of stepping on the parquet of Wall Street or launching a startup Technological, Marta Álvarez was dedicated to the opposite: to guide her parents’ cows through the mountains. It was during a vacation at his family home, in Monterroso (Lugo) 20 years ago. But the experience was not a […]